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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Vacation Week 1

Seriously, this guy was driving his 6 series BMW convertible on the 5 South going 75 miles an hour filling out an application or working on his crosswold puzzle. We couldn't quite tell...What do you think?

Enjoying acho goodness with Tim at Cafe Terrace in Laguna Beach

Helping my mom with her 2nd Graders. This was @ the Christmas recital rehearsals.

Wine Country. With my dad after a long hike with the dogs.

This day happened to be 74 degrees out. Seriously, and this is December people!

Oh no biggie. It only took me 3 hours to get through the entire county of LA.

Tim's mom has the voice of an Angel. Mo singing in her church's Christmas Recital.

White Elephant Gift exchange @ Pete and Ruth's. One of the present's vibrated and turned out to be shoes. One of the presents looked like a sword and turned out to be a 4 ft. dildo. I didn't end up with either.

Can I get a fist pump?

Pacific Ocean ~ A stop along HWY 1 @ some point

E & A are cooking a little one.

That "howl" took about 4 takes.

The most sought after gift this year: the snuggie

The End of Week 1.

So how has your holiday vacation been so far?

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