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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dear Georgia - 11 Months

Dear Dear Georgia,

I am getting a little teary eyed as I write this because between 10 and 11 months you were sick a lot. First you had Roseola, which last a week.  A week of 103 fevers, with a rash at the end.  You were so hot to touch all day, and it was so hard to watch you suffer.  But then a few days after that ended, you got a fever again.  This time 104 and the doctors were baffled.  So after three more days of a high fever I took you back again, begging for more answers.  They tested your urine and turns out you had a bladder infection.  Right away they gave you a shot of antibiotics and we returned the next day for more.  Finally after two days your fever broke, and we started you at medicine at home.  You emerged as a new baby and literally as your spunky personality returned, you started to get TWO new teeth.  Teething was in full force, runny nose, sleepless nights, but alas after that, you have been the happiest I have ever seen you.  Maybe it was because it felt like 3 weeks of hardship for you, but you have been the most joyful I have ever seen you.

And you know what??? Right at 11 months you took you first steps.  Wobby and a little zombie like you started walking further and furter.  First from me to the couch.  Then from me to Jillian or Daddy.  We would hold out our arms for you and you would wobble your way over to us with the BIGGEST look of acheieement on your face.  You were SO proud, and we were SOOOO proud of you.  You clapped your hands and grinned.  We yell, "look she's walking" and the entire family would cheer you on.

Some other milestones I can't forget are:
1) Second word you learned was NO!  This has been hilarious because we say no all the time int his house.
2) Because of being sick you have been a very picky eater, this has been hard because you are already on the very petite side when it comes to weight.  So lets hope it gets better....
3) Using your walker to walk around or a baby stroller to push
4) An interest in baby's dolls, kissing them hugging them.
5) Obsessed with MILO our cat, literally can't get enough
6) Loves putting things into baskets and them dumping them out
7) Still nursing but not as much
8) YOU LOVE the bath so much.
9) You are a total momma's girl.  You love to be carried by me, and if I am around it's only me you want.
10) You are one hard baby to diaper change and to get dressed. You have never liked either since you were born.

You are the LIGHT of my life, little Peach.  I can't even begin to describe the immense about of joy you bring to our family.  You are a comedian, and love to be around Jillian and Wes.  I still can't believe you are almost one, it's sad in a way, but I LOVE seeing who you are becoming and all your accomplishments so far. 

Love you SOOOO much,


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jillian lost a tooth

While Georgia has been sprouting teeth left and right, our Jillian has been losing them!  Well okay, she has only lost one, but once you lose one, they all start to follow. When she first told me it was loose, it was a day filled of excitement.  In some funny way, I related it a bit to the end of pregnancy. There was a lot of anticipation of when this tiny tooth would decide to jump ship.  I kept saying any day, and Jillian agreed. It was pretty loose.  We were so eager for it to fall out, but then it kind of hung around and then we sort of forgot about it until it decided it was time! 

We had just eaten lunch, and I see Jillian run from the table to the bathroom.  I though to myself how odd, so I followed her to the bathroom to see her holding a tooth and mending to some blood on her lip.  I was hit with so many emotions, but the first thing I could do was just scream with excitement.  We got a towel to clean up the blood and then we placed the tooth in a safe spot and inspected it. Wow, it was so small.  When I asked her how it all went down, she said it was right after she bit into an apple.  She though it was a seed, but then upon further inspection and the slight distaste of blood, she knew it was her tooth.  I told her she was lucky she didn't swallow it and she was so enamored with her tooth that when it was time to place it under the pillow she wanted to write to the tooth fairy and ask kindly if she would let her keep her tooth.  What a sweet idea, so we wrote a letter (Jillian's words, my writing) and left it next to the bed.  To her dismay when she woke, the tooth was gone, but a $1 and some fairy dust was left behind, so I'd have to say it was a pretty exciting morning.  We used the pillow I used as a little girl and my mom had used when she was little to hold the tooth.  And the funniest part about the whole thing???  The next day her other bottom tooth started to wiggle, so let's just say we've better make sure we have tooth fairy money laying around.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dear Georgia - 8 months

Dear Georgia,

I am behind this month on your updates and I even though I can say we are busy, we are just enjoying every second together as a family that blogging is SO low on the list. Summer is in full affect around here and we are loving our no fuss schedule and sometimes lazy days.  I say sometimes because we still have activities for the kids, but much of our day is spent at home or in the backyard (especially when it is over 100 out, the AC is just too darn good to pass up).  So here are a list of things that have been a BIG deal in your development that we don't want to forget:

*Two new teeth, on top and with a space in the middle just like Jillian
*Last month you started attempting to push chairs around or a walker in an attempt to walk upright and this month you just perfect that. I may have said this before,  but out of all three kids you were the most physical, meeting these milestones way faster than the other ones.  I would love to do a comparison overview one of these days, but I am not holding my breath. 
*sleeping seems to be in a better pattern.*Headed back to the doctor this month to make sure your head size was growing on your curve.  It fell back at you 6 month visit so we did a follow up to make sure everything is growing and it is.
*LOVES water probably more than any of the other kids at this age
*You say mama now!!  And it's clearly at me, so even though you still mumble dada, you don't direct it to daddy!  So I call it a tie.
*Goodbye infant car seat carrier.  We ditched it, because even though it was handy when you would fall asleep in the car, you would always wake up quickly after.  And I hated lugging that thing. 
*Super good in the car seat (at one point you did not like the car seat but I guess you realized that 3rd children get toted everywhere).
*You have this thing for shoes and chewing on them (so gross)
*You take baths with your brother and sister and love it
*Bedtime is still around 7:00 pm and you wake up anywhere between 6 am - 7 am
*Not sure if you like pureed baby food.  I still want you to try and eat 2 jars of food, but you don't seem that interested. I think you we will start you on table foods next month. I should also point out I am really trying  not to stress out about it.  I am still producing enough milk (at least it seems) so maybe I can bring it up at your next doctor appointment.

Two major things happened between 7 - 8 months.  First, you had your first palm springs trip.  This was our 6th trip....and we HAD a blast.  And while you were there, you had your first big earthquake (5.2)!! You slept right through it!  Actually everyone slept right through it and since it was in the middle of the night, daddy and I went right back to sleep.  We swam every day and you were so chill the whole time at the pool where I didn't let you do too much crawling around.  You survived the hot temps (110) and generally slept great. I can't wait for you to get a bit older so you can run around the golf course with daddy and your siblings at night.

Second big thing was you fell down the stairs. While you've been mobile for 2 months now, you haven't really started to speed crawl until a few weeks ago.  Mostly because you'd crawl, discover a new fascinating thing (even a stinky Weston sock was a gem) and you would stop to admire it.  I should have put up the baby gate sooner at the top of the stairs and it was something that just kept eating at me.  One morning when I was trying to get everyone dressed and out the door, I was helping Wes brush his teeth.  I put you down in your room, ran into my room (across the hall) and helped Wes get toothpaste on his brush and a huge cry was let out.  I ran back to your room and you were not there, and then I heard more tears, at the bottom of the stairs.  Of course I started to ball, Jillian and Weston were confused, and I ran down to scoop you up, immediately looking for any signs of broken bones or bruises.  You held me tight and I realized you had a bloody lip.  I nursed you right away to hlep sooth you, and it didn't take long for you to catch your breath and just nurse.  I cried big tears as I inspected your body and lucky for me (us) you seemed totally fine.  A bit scared more than anything, but the saving grace was this.  You didn't fall all the way down. At the turn you stopped, so you never hit the tile.  I tried not to beat myself up about it, but this was now an accident that would be included in your first year, much similar to weston's swing accident, and his falling out of the bed.

Truthfully this is just another experience many moms go through.  I am so happy that you were not hurt and I think this just goes to show how strong you really are.

Lets touch on your personality and some of my predictions:  So you fell down the stairs and got right back up (so to speak).  Yes, you are strong, but you are determined, and adventurous. You are also super cool. You sit on my lap and don't need to move all the time, which tells me you can be both.  I think you are smart, and you LOVE music and when I dance.  I think you will be my dancer, as opposed to Jillian who might be more of an athlete.  You laugh and smile all the time.  You are just joyous.  You are so sweet with your kisses and you even give a little pucker.  You love to be held so I also think you are soft and kind.  Mostly you are beautiful with lots of hair and your now green / hazel eyes.

I love you SOOOO much.  Just stop making me want to have more babies will ya??

Love, Mom

Dear Georgia - 7 months

Dear Georgia,

Slow down!!! It's starting to happen where you are picking up things all the time.  I can't even handle it all.  The simple fact was you started crawling last month and now you are a mobile machine. You crawl all over.  And that is not all.  A major new skill that you mastered this last month is you can now pull yourself up from sitting. You even attempt to walk while holding on to the couch or chair.  We lowered the crib mattress because of this.  Because you are so mobile now we retired the swing.  You certainly don't want to be contained and there's too much to see and do.

Lately you have been mumbling the word dadadadada.  I am pretty sure you really do mean daddy, but so far you just mumble it all the time not necessarily at him.  We left you for one night with a babysitter so daddy and I could go out for our 9 year anniversary and you did great.

Another major milestone happened this month too: you started solids and started sleeping way better!!!
You eat 1 jar a day (4 ounces).  I try to sit you down breakfast lunch and dinner even if you just eat a few bites, to get the routine down.  We all eat together at each meal with I LOVE.  You took to food right away.You aren't too into the green veggies although we will work on that. But fruit is a win all the way around and you love sweet potatoes.

This has been an exciting month! We can't wait to see you perfect all these new skills and learn more in the next few months.  It's crazy how much we love you and we are already so proud of you!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Dear Georgia - 6 Months


You continue to amaze all of us with your spunky personality and your urgency to be just like us.  You are ready to rule the world, or at least our house because you are totally crawling.  You were scooting around on your stomach, flopping yourself from one side of the room to another, but you've figured out how to use those knees below you and if we blink you are gone.  You won the prize for earliest crawler, and slowly by slowly all your baby like traits are disappearing .  Certainly life has gotten a bit more crazy for us having to keep our eyes on you all the time, but it's a blessing to see you flourishing. I just wish your sleep hasn't gone downhill.  Before I rant about your sleep, I will say right after your 5 month birthday, you got two bottom teeth.  One came in a few days before the second one, so you were definitely having some teething pain, and it really did affect your sleep. But I still blamed that 4 month sleep regression. Next month we are starting you on solids, so a part of me is holding out that your sleep may get better then! We will see!! Right now I am just grateful that you are easy to coax back to sleep.  Bad nights are nights you are up more than 3 times, the worst being every 2 hours.  Mostly you wake 3 times, and sadly you are ready to up for the day anywhere between 5:30-6:30.  Sometimes I can get you back to sleep, but once you start your morning babble, I have to evict you out of my room because I can't have you waking Jillian and Weston. I don't bring you into my bed every morning, but if it's after 4:30 am, I usually do hoping you can go back to sleep for at least 2 more hours.  But like I said, when I am up with you, it's 20 minutes max of you nursing, and then falling back to sleep in my arms.  You transfer well from arms to the crib and I sneak out and head back to my room.  I am hopeful that maybe next month I can report some better news.

But, lets chat about this bump on your head.  We found it a couple months ago when it looked like a big zit.  And then we realized wow, this is a persistent zit.  And it got bigger, redder and more swollen, although it never bothered you.  So we had a ultrasound done and your pediatrician said it was a dermoid cyst.  But she wanted to have a specialist look at it.  So you and I went down to San Diego to have a neurologist exam it in person.  He was not alarmed.  He said these cysts are more common that you think, and that in some cases they just go away.  He also said if they do continue to grow and get bigger, that you will require surgery to remove it.  At that time, they do a biopsy and make sure it's nothing more serious,  and then that's it.  They don't come back, and the healing process is almost nothing. But this past month, it's not only gone down in size, but it has disappeared.   I am grateful for this.  I worry of course, since I am a mom, but because you are my last sweet little babe, I get more fearful of things that could hurt you.  I pinch myself that all my kiddos are healthy, and while we will have a long road ahead of us, I am eternally grateful for the joyful, happy, perfect baby you are.

While you definitely have a personality all your own, there a couple things that you do that your siblings did when they were babies.  Just like Jillian, you grunt a lot. It's this low voice grrrrrrrrr that you do when you are really excited about something.  Also when you've gotten over stimulated you turn to me for a quick nursing session to self sooth.  I still can't believe you haven't started sucking your fingers or attached to a lovey of some sort, and that when we are on the go, you can literally just close your eyes and fall asleep.

You are doing great with your naps in the crib when we are home. We said goodbye to your swing, your play mat and your bouncy chairs.  You tolerate the ergo carrier,  but we sold the solly wrap.

 You got an A+ at your 6 month check up and you handled your shots like a champ.

Before I leave with some pictures, I want to gush about how sweet you are and how much you love your brother and sister and daddy.  You flash the best smiles at all of us whenever you see us.  You scan the room for Wes and Jillian when you are playing because you just want to be with them.  Still no one can make you laugh like Weston, and now Jillian can be trusted to pick you up and carry you from room to room.  She by far is my best helper when it comes to diaper changes or outfit selections, but she truly loves you so much.  And little Weston actually plays with you.  It might be games like "lets see how many toys I can stack on to Georgia, or how many pillows I can pile on her," but you love it.  He can steal a toy out of your hand and you just laugh.  How did we get so lucky with you.  You are easy, yet independent. You certainly aren't held all day long and you are okay with that, exploring this world on your own, and calling out to us when you need us.  You are smart, and gentle. You are so loving and joyful and we can't wait to see how you continue to grow.


Weight: 15 pounds, 2 ounces 25%
Height: 27 1/2 inches 95%
Head: 16 1/4 inches 40%

Also can't forget these tidbits: between 5-6 months you learned how to sit up.  You are now a pro at this.  You never really fell over, you had this really steady way to prop up.  Also you love the swing at the park, although I still get a bit nervous that you might fall out so I push you with caution. We also lowered your crib mattress, because you are starting to pull up on things!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Georgia - 5 months


Still lots of the same milestones from month 4: lots of rolling over, both ways, lots of babbling, still waking 3 times a night.  We got better with your naps in your crib, and aren't really using the swing too much more. You had your first trip to disneyland and of course were perfect.  I just love you so much!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dear Georgia - 4 Months

Dear Georgia,

Another month has flown by and we officially say goodbye to those newborn days.  You spend more of your time awake now, with only a few naps a day.  I get it too!  Everything around you is WAY more important and interesting, and we can see you just soaking it all in and learning. So what is new this month?  LOTS and lots of rolling around, front to back and back to front. 

Lots of drooling.

Lots of babbling.

Lots of lost sleep - for some reason you have started this 4 month old sleep regression a bit early, and since you were sleeping in the co sleeper right next to my bed and STILL waking up every 2 hours, we decided to move you to your crib. Of course you rocked it, and we dusted off the video monitor and you are officially now in your own room. **And yes, I am checking on you all the time to make sure you are still breathing, such a mom thing.

You got more shots at your doctor appointment and your stats are below:

Weight: 13 lbs 5 ounces (50%)
Height:    (95%)
Head: (50%)

Breastfeeding is going so well, and we have continued to cut out dairy from my diet.

You sat in the bumbo seat for the first time and liked it, but still kind of slump forward.  Those muscels are getting a lot stronger though and your neck control is on point! I can hold you on my hip which you love and of course you still love facing outwards when carried so you can see the world head on (just like Jillian did!!). 

Georgia Peach you are the love of our lives.  EVERYONE admires you, thinks you are so beautiful, wants to hold you all the time.  I am so proud of how well you are thriving into babyhood and how well you adapt to almost any situation we throw your way.  You are by far the easiest baby for us, and we love how easy going you are and how even keeled your temprament is. We love your little screetches and squeals. We love your bright blue eyes.  We love your gummy smiles.  We LOVE you.