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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Grove/Farmer's Market/Mesa

I had to get up earlier than normal on Saturday. My parents were heading down to LA for the night. They were seeing the Eagles in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. They didn't have plans during the day, so I took advantage of their time and met them at the Grove and the Farmers Market for lunch. It was so much fun! We circled the farmers market until our taste buds told us to stop. Basically we ate a ton of food! The weather was incredible, and we spent the later half of the afternoon window shopping/people watching. My mom dragged me into SAKS to look at all the high end designer clothing, and my dad waited patiently while we would sneak into stores and do some quick shopping.

My parents splurged and bought me a top from Anthropologie, the one I blogged about last Thursday. It was really sweet of them. They said it was an early anniversary present.

Then on Saturday night, Tim and I met up with friends for dinner and drinks at Mesa. We had a great time catching up with Megan and we met her boyfriend, Jason. We finished the night hanging out at John and Lisa's and then headed home.

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