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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Holidays

Insert newborn baby, two really tired parents, and you have a blur.

Don't get me wrong, Christmas was still very special this year. We were just in a new parent "haze."

This year we were lucky enough to spend Christmas with both sides of our family.

On Christmas day we woke up and got Jillian dressed up in her I love Santa dress and Bacon dressed in his Santa suit.

We spent the day with Tim's family. We had a delicious brunch and then opened gifts. Once we were back at our house we opened up the gifts that my parents had brought down. It was a special moment just the three of us.

Two days later, we drove up to visit my family. They waited to open gifts so we got to have ANOTHER Christmas :)

We are so lucky to have two wonderful families. Two families who absolutely love Jillian, and two families who have supported us through this really trying time as new parents. My mom has been the sounding board to many tears and meltdowns in the last weeks so it was great to see her. I instantly started sobbing when I saw her.

The week visiting my parents went by really fast. Tim and I were able to squeeze in a few outings alone. We went wine tasting, had a few lunch dates, a few walks on the beach and even had a night out at the movies (we saw Black Swan and I LOVED it - definitely recommend it). Even though "getting out" was really good for me, it was also really hard. The whole time I was not with Jillian, I was thinking of her. I know she is in good hands, but I can't help but miss her.

My mom was a huge help during our late night feedings. She would get up with me around 4 am - 5 am and bottle feed Jillian while I would pump. It really allowed both Tim and I to get some sleep.

We are back home now, and the holidays are now behind us, but they will never be forgotten. Jillian is experiencing life right before our eyes. It really is magical.


  1. What a special way to celebrate your daughter's first christmas surrounded by family. A great support system is key! I love that little dress! I wanted one for my daughter but she was too big.

  2. You look so happy! What great pics!

  3. she's a doll!!
    I havent been blogging much, let alone reading others... Congrats!
    sounds like a great holiday!

  4. Happy New Year! You look fab! That strawberry teether is the best!