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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What I have been up to

I sound like a broken record. I keep telling you all that I will resume my blogging, but I never get around to it. My days blur together and before I know it, weeks have gone by.

So what have I been up to besides loving my little Jillian?

In a nutshell I have been doing the following:
- Taking care of the cutest 8 week old baby (can you believe she is 8 weeks?????)
- Planning my best friends Baby Shower, which is next weekend!!!
- Meeting friends for lunches
- Getting my exercise (I have been hitting the gym every day, and walking 2 miles with Jillian every morning)
- Pumping, Pumping and MORE Pumping....I swear I'm married to my breast pump, every 3 hours!!
- Having date nights with Tim!
- Finalizing Jillian's birth announcement
- Organizing and printing all the pictures we have taken of Jillian in the last 8 weeks of her life!!
- Helping Tim clean, organize and re-arrange our garage
- Hanging new curtains in our bedroom
- Lots of trips to Target and Costco

I also got my hair dyed and cut today. I went darker, cut 2 inches and put layers in. I am so happy! I feel like a new person, almost like me again. And since I have been working out, I feel like a million bucks. The last 8 pounds I am trying to shed, seem to be sticking. I can't really diet yet, since I am breastfeeding, so I will have to practice patience with that one. But just getting physical activity feels amazing....

And you know what else is amazing?? My daughter! She is so beautiful, loving and such a sweetheart. Her smiles light up my day, I live for them. We had quite the adventure at Target the other day. We needed diapers, that's it, just diapers, but the trip turned into 45 minutes. I had two diaper changes, 1 diaper blow out (oh yes the pants went in the trash after that one), and 1 feeding. It was pretty insane, and I had to use one of those baby changing tables in the bathroom. It was a day of firsts. I swear, going out with her takes SO much effort. I would almost rather stay at home and just enjoy my play time with her.

I read Green Eggs and Ham to her yesterday and she freaked out for it. She was smiles the whole time, like she was really listening to the story. She kept her eyes intently focused on me, and flashed me ear to ear grins. I try and take any moment with her to talk to her and teach her about things. I can't stop kissing her either, it's ridiculous. I could go on an on.....ekkkk!!

She has her 2 month old doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I am anxious to see how much she is grown. We also need to talk to her doctor about her baby acne. It popped up on her face a few days ago and has progressively gotten worse. It doesn't seem to be hurting her, but it looks aggressive. It's everywhere, and we try our best to keep her face as clean as possible. Any moms out there have advice?

Strolling around in Laguna Beach

Having lunch in Laguna Beach at the Terrace Cafe

6 weeks old, chilling in her favorite chair from Uncle Mike!

We captured her first smile at 6 weeks. She was smiling at 5 weeks, but we finally got it on camera!

Off to lunch....

7 week old photo shoot with mom, just because

Hanging out with G'Mo

Meeting my cousin, Danny.


  1. I am hoping you get some good advice on here for the baby acne that I can steal! Truitt has it on his chin and now it's spread to his cheeks and even has a spot on his ear.

    Please don't tale offense-your momma boobs look GREAT! I'm enjoying my newfound perky cleavage too!!

  2. she is so beautiful!! so glad you're doing well and looking great yourself! I admire how active you're staying! I have yet to implement a good schedule like that. lol

  3. Kennedy had it AWFUL. I mean it was bad. I was debating to put concealer on her! ;) hahaha.

    my suggestions that took care of it.
    less baths. I don't know how many you are giving her but I am down to Two a week Monday & Thurs.

    In between. here is your answer (well for me it worked wonders) WIPES. give wipe baths. The dr told me to clean every 2 hours. I think that was perfect, & moisturized every 3. It took care of Kennedys in a day & a half! I hope this helps.
    Also, I put the baby oil gel on her face after baths so twice a week & once in between for
    extra moisture! :)

    totally agree with sam on the boob-age ;)

    ps. can jillian get any more cuter??!?!?!

  4. Going out with baby will get easier...I promise (at least it did for me). It is such a joy to go out with Aydan now....diaper changes are fast...even the blow-outs. as long as I have a packed diaoer bag...piece of cake :)

    Baby Acne - Aydan got it pretty bad for a couple of weeks too and luckily it went away on his own. But I have heard to put breast milk on his face, and any other area with acne...I guess you just rub it in on....and that it clears it up. If it works.....I might have to try it on my break outs :)

  5. oh...and we need a picture of the new do please!

  6. my first daughter had baby acne real bad for a good 2-3 weeks. i don't think anything seemed to help, i think it just has to run its course. now, my younger 2 never got it, and they had less baths than the first one, simply because i had less time, so maybe less baths is the key. you live and learn with the first i guess :)

  7. She's sooooo cute!!! I'd love to see a picture of the new hair too! :)

  8. Thanks Moms for all your advice! Love you girls!!!!

  9. First of all you look FANTASTIC! Do not sweat those 8 lbs for a second because I was so worried about my muffin top for the first few months and right around 5 months ( still breast feeding) I dropped a TON of weight. I am now thinner than I was pre pregnancy. I NEVER expected that to happen but BF burns some calories! Mark my words!
    I cant wait for you to get to the 3 month mark because they get to be SO much more fun if you can even imagine that! The laughter and emotions and they start being affectionate toward you and that is really heart melting! So happy you are all doing well!
    We also battled baby acne, its said to be from mothers hormones in milk, so it comes and goes but his skin is looking great lately and I keep him moisturized ALOT with aquaphor and Body shop baby buriti lotion. That cleared up his skin so much!

  10. lunching has to be one of my Fav things to do with the little one and friends with kids :)

  11. Ah, baby acne...Charlotte had it for about two weeks, and it as terrible. It was in her ears, her neck, the top of her head, everywhere possible. We just kept wiping her face down with a damp washcloth (no soap or anything that could irritate already sensitive skin) and it seemed to calm it a bit. Just wait it out, it should disappear really quickly. :)