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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Baby Eats

Jillian has had her fair share of baby food in the past 4 weeks. She's tried the following and loved: Peas, Carrots, Squash, and Sweet Potato.

So far she can't stand fruit: Banana, apples.

I am anxious to get her to eat Pears. I have heard babies love pears, we'll see.

I had high expectations to make my own baby food; sadly when two parents work, there is NO time.

Jillian has always been a messy eater. When she drinks out of her bottle, it dribbles out of the corners of her mouth, runs down her shirt, along her neck and usually drips down her back. A few minutes after eating, comes the vomit. Oh you know, it's just part of the normal routine. Spit up is everywhere: the couch, our bed, the carpets, her rocker, her crib, our pets, in my hair. Everywhere.

I thought her stomach would fair better once we started feeding her baby food, and it has, but I had to post about this one particular incident that happened two weeks ago.

The orange baby food stains. If you don't wipe it up right away, your SOL. Trust me, we have orange spots on the carpet in her bedroom. I considered throwing this shirt away, but I stripped it off and rinsed it within a few seconds of this happening.

When I look at these pictures, the vomit looks like some Hollywood special effect or something....I am sorry it if grosses you out, but even the stinkiest nastiest throw up doesn't phase me. My daughter is just that special.

How can I be upset when I look at this adorable little face??

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is funny and so gross at the same time. Funny only because I have been there and it sucks ;)