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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend with Grandma

A few weeks ago, my mom came down to visit me and Jillian. Tim was out of town for a bachelor party, so instantly I thought, Girls Weekend!!

To sum up our weekend: We ate a lot of food. Seriously, we did.

We hit up Zoomer's Petting Zoo and Old Town San Juan Capistrano on Friday. After meeting up with Barby and Oden, we explored the charming town, had fun with the zoo animals and then grabbed lunch at Round table pizza.

That evening I introduced my mom to Chipotle, which is hands down, one of my favorite places to eat! We split a chicken bowl and my mom loved it.

The next day we were going to head over to Lisa's house to see the twins, but I wasn't feeling good. So my mom let me sleep in while she took care of Jillian. We pretty much had a lazy day and then decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner that evening. We ordered our favorite appetizer, the artichoke spinach dip, and splurged on our own pasta dishes. We paid no attention to diets whatsoever.

I was sad to see my mom leave on Sunday. It was great to have her help for the weekend, and of course, Jillian absolutely loves her.

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  1. Jillian looks so big! Glad you got to relax with you mom in town. Hope you're feeling better!