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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thank Goodness for Grandma

Weston turned 4 weeks old and Grandma came to town.  It couldn't have been a more perfect time for her to come help, because my energy levels were running low and I needed the help keeping up with my crazy 2 year old!

I have been blessed with a husband who took 2 weeks off when Weston was born, and with a daughter who is easy going and extremely flexible. So for two weeks on my own, we were doing great....but then Weston hit 4 weeks and started to get super fussy.

Oh the fun things Grandmas do!! Her sole job was to entertain Jillian and she managed to do that with flying colors. I have never been so happy to see my mom and my daughter together.  It's these moments in life where you have to step back and realize these are the special times that you have to soak up. The special times that you want your memory to replay for you when you think back on your children.

I remember when I was little my very own grandma taught me to eat spaghetti from the dinner table with my toes. Yes, my toes.  And of course, my very own mom did so many fun, out of the box things with my own daughter.

They made star sandwiches, had picnics on the front lawn, played dress up, had bath time fun, all at a non-stop pace.

It's no surprise that Jillian cried when she left, and is still asking about Grandma Marcia to this day.

Next to visit is Tim's mom, Grandma Mo, and I can't wait to see more magical moments to unfold.

I have been blessed with amazing Grandmas on both sides (or should I say my children have been blessed).

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