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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Weston - 2 Months

Dear Weston, 

It's already happening. Time is flying by, and you are growing like a weed. You haven't stopped cuddling since you were born.  You can't get enough of it.  Mostly with me, but you love daddy's chest too. Every day between 1 pm and 4 pm we get alone time, because Jillian is napping.  Some days I will lay you on your play mat and talk to you or watch you talk to your surroundings. Other days, you enjoy the rocking of the swing.  I would say your favorite activity is to be with me on the couch nursing or just hanging on my breast for comfort staring at my face.  I don't mind this at all. You fall in and out of sleep and I get all the cuddles a momma could ever want.  Sure, I don't get much done, but thats okay.  These moments with you are like a dream come true. 

Speaking of nursing, you are going strong.  However, in  your short life, you haven't figured out how to self-sooth.  So if you get fussy or upset, the only way to calm you down is to put you on the boob.  You might eat for a few minutes but you just love the sucking senstion; so my nipple has become your pacifier. People think it's crazy I am letting you do this, because seriously you could be "nursing" for almost an hour like this.  So far it only happens at home, so I really don't mind.  It's this incredible bond I feel with you.  We have been inseperable since birth, and if comfort nursing is helping ease you in to the world at a gentle pace, then I am all for it. 

Plus I owe you! You have quite the social calendar whether you like it or not.  Jillian and I are toting you along every where we go.  And every day it's some place.  Grocery store, play dates, parks, story time, John and Ava's house, more play dates and parks. You are so wonderful (as long as I time it right!!). 

This month your gassy fussy temperment in the evenings started to go away.  You are still a tooting machine and boy oh boy do you love to poop, but it seems as if these things are easier for you to do now that your digestive system is starting to mature.  For a minute we thought you were going to be one of those colicky babies. I started to cut out dairy at the same time these fussy times started to diminish, so I knew it wasn't anything in my diet.  You have become an easy baby. Do you know how much I love this and appreciate it?  If you cry it's because you have pooped, are hungry, or are tired and need to comfort nurse. 

Our night time routine is still forming.  We made some changes to where you sleep, because we really needed to get Daddy back into our bed.  Out went the bassinet and in came the co-sleeper. This has made a world of difference, however, after you wake up for your first feeding, I keep in you in bed next to me until the morning.  We are all getting amazing sleep.  Another new thing I am doing is not changing your diaper at night.  I know that sounds bad, but you never poop at night and it just wakes you up if I change you.  This way you nurse and fall right back to sleep. For a while we were swaddling you, then not swaddling you, and back and forth.  By 2 months here is where we are at:  we swaddle you when you first go down.  After your first feeding, we leave you un-swaddled. It works, and hopefully when you are able to self-soothe yourself (i.e. sucking your thumb or fingers) you will be able to help yourself fall back asleep or have longer durations of sleep.  We aren't getting more than 3 hours at a time, so I am hoping for those 4-5 hour stretches soon. You are naturally setting your own sleep routine, meaning you fall asleep between 8-9 pm and we usually have between 2-4 feedings a night.

You have had two bottles, although, we have plenty of milk stored in the freezer for you. You still love tummy time and have incredible neck control.  You are my little tank - 90th perecentile for height, 75% percentile for weight and 90th percentile for head.  Your ears still stick out a bit, but the doctor didn't think you needed to see a Plastic Surgeon, and your hip clicking turned out to be nothing as well.  Your eyes are a deep blue and continuing to lighten and you have a teeny bit of hair on that head of yours.  Sometimes you look like me, but mostly you look like Tim, and I can't get over how much of a resemblance you have to Jillian. 

Some first for this month: smiling and cooing, first trip to the beach, first bottle, and longer awake times. 

I sound like a broken record, but I love you so much.  I have been the happiest me I could be. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful kids who are absolutely perfect.  It's strange, life that is.  I know it won't always been this perfect, but for now in this moment, we have it all. And it was you that completed us.  It's you who I have been waiting for my whole life.  Thank you, Weston.