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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Weston - 3 Months

Dear Weston,

Lots of fun things happening in this month! You had you first trip to the beach! We got your toes sandy and you loved it!  In fact, we have been 3 more times, and each time we are there you are content as can be.  We also got to spend 4 nights with Grandma Mo.  She loved to snuggle you, hold you, and rock you.  You were a blessing during her visit, such a good baby. In fact, I find myself saying, what a perfect baby you are all the time.  I have given in to all your needs and honestly you are just perfect.  You still need comfort nurse often, and we are still co-sleeping, but I am loving this new relaxed side of myself. I am really letting things happen naturally.  I am not navigating through this newborn stage on a strict schedule, because ultimately I would probably drive myself (and Tim) nuts.

You really enjoy bath time now.  You don't cry or fuss too much when I change your diaper.  You stay awake much longer these days, and as of lately when you take your afternoon nap, we snuggle and do it together.  Oh these moments are beyond precious.

 If I had to guess, you are starting to teethe. You drool like crazy. You also found your thumbs and fingers this month. Sometimes you suck so hard we can hear you in another room.  Sadly to report you still haven't taken a liking to the pacifier.

You still wear size 1 diapers.  You poop about 3 times a day and pass gas ALL the time. Your smile when you pass gas, but you also are melting hearts when you smile at people. I am lucky. I get your smiles first thing in the morning and it's the greatest thing to wake up to.

You still get plenty of tummy time, but it's hit or miss whether you enjoy it or not.  Regardless, your neck control is excellent, and we can now tote you around in the baby bjorne. If we stand you up, you can put all your weight on your legs.  I kiss you way too many times in a day, but your feet are my favorite.  

Your small patch of hair on the back of your head is brown and seems to be staying. Soft hair fuzz adornes the rest of your head and is starting to grow.  Your eyes are continuing to lighten, but they will stay blue.  You still have bouts of baby acne, but your doctor said it can sometimes take months to completely clear up.

I am happy to report you still haven't peed on anyone yet when we change your diaper, and have only had two blow outs in your short but long life :)

If I had to start guessing your personality I would describe you as calm, even-keeled, rational, goofy, super sweet and of course loving.  I honestly see a lot of your dad in you....a wonderful man, with a sensitive side.  Of course things can change, but I am wonderfully in love with you and our time together.  It's soooooooo amazing.


At a Glance:

3 month Stats:
Weight: 13 pounds (estimate)

Sleep Stats:
We typically put you down anywhere between 8-10 pm.  Your bedtime routine is simple.  Every other day you get a full bath. We then swaddle you, nurse you and lay you down. However, you won't sleep unless I am with you. Sometimes we can get away with putting you down without me in the co-sleeper and you will sleep for a couple of hours, giving me enough time to get things done or enjoy some me time.  However, most recently you need my body there with you, so if I am not ready to join you for bed, then I will nurse you, lay with you and let you fall asleep. I then get back up, and this usually buys me an hour or so. I am scared you are becoming too dependent on me being there to put you to sleep.  I am hoping to at least get you out of our bed into your co-sleeper in the next month.
Regarding, your naps; unfortunately, they are not on any type of schedule.  We are always out and about with Jillian so usually your first two naps of the day are in your stroller or the car seat.  You usually have 1-2 more naps in the afternoon and evening, and those are next to me on the couch or in the swing.

Sleep is drastically different than Jillian. It's so much more relaxed but I am not sure if this is just setting me up for disaster in the long run.  I'm very torn and am looking for advice from mom's that have to juggle two. 

You are nursing exclusively.  You hate the bottle, however, when I am not around, you will take it.  This has only happened once with Grandma and you drank 3 ounces of pumped milk.You nurse every 2-3 hours and yes, you are still nursing for comfort. Although I will say it seems to be a lot less than the previous month. I am trying to get you to use the pacifier for comfort, but it's just not happening.  Again, this is something I want to wean  you from, but don't have the heart (or energy) to do so. Right now it works, so I am continuing on the easy path.

Random Stuff:
You are wearing size 1 diapers, but could be in 2. I will try that next month.
You wear 3-6 month clothes.  Still very skinny, but very tall.

First time in the baby bjorn carrier
Holding head up
Found your hands
Crazy drooling machine
Can hold things with your hands if placed in your hands directly
Loves bath time
Smile all the time

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