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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Haircut

Jillian, you finally got your first haircut.  It only took you 2 1/2 years to grow it out.  As I have said before you were sporting a bonefied mullet for months.  Somehow that style grew out some, but a long "rat-tail" emerged in place of it. 

Even though you still have a ton of hair growing in (you have soft fuzz on the rim of your forehead and underneath the longer pieces on top), it was time to give you a "style" to your hair.

You were of course the bravest girl ever!  You couldn't stop talking about getting your hair cut for a few days before.  When we arrived you were all smiles and couldn't wait to get into the chair.  We went to my hair stylist, Arunee, and she did such a great job cutting, trimming, washing, drying and styling.  And you let her do it all. Not once did you cry or want to be done before she was finished.  Truth is, you had all the salon coming by to say hi to you and admiring your new hair do! 

Post haircut, it's all you can talk about.  You are so proud to be a big girl getting her haircut and going to the salon.  You keep asking me when are we going back to the salon.  Such a girlie girl in the making.....