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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dear Georgia - 3 Months

Dear Georgia,

Once again another month has blown right by.  You continue to show us more of your personality and this month was a huge month for you.

You giggle and laugh. You have rolled over from back to front and front to back. You are a talker, an angry talker at times, but you are so determined to do it all.  You grab things hanging from you play gym.  You suck on your hands all the time. You hold rattles and things in your hands, and you grab those feet of yours which is my absolute favorite.  Teething has begun. You are a drooling machine.  Sadly this might be affecting your sleep a bit, or maybe we hit the sleep regression earlier than 4 months, but you have been waking 2-3 times a night.  Occasionally you will give me your normal long stretches, and there was even one night you slept all the way through.  I am hoping by 4 months things get a bit more consistent with your sleep. Ugh, naps, they aren't so good. Some days you can give me 3 hours in the swing in the afternoon and other days you cat nap here and there.  Little or almost no sleep doesn't seem to bother you during the day though. You're overall temprament is still very easy going and happy.  It's been this way since birth and the comment I get most of the time (besides being cute of course) is how easy going you are.  It's true. It makes my life as a mom of three that much easier and believe me you will be spoiled because of it.

Some things I just want to point out is you never get a diaper rash. You still LOVE the bath.  You really can't stand the car seat and don't favor the solly wrap or ergo carrier yet either. If I get you at the right moment, I can carry you in the solly for a while.  This works out nicely at places like Legoland. But for walks in the stroller and outings we need the stroller, I put you in the seat reclined since you really don't like the infant car seat.  And believe me I don't like the infant car seat either.  It's heavy, bulky, annoying to lug around.  Even though I want you to stop growing up, I am ready for you to be out of that thing.

Georgia, you have the best personality.  I predict so many wonderful things for you since you love to smile and you are generally outgoing.  You can be passed around from person to person and not even blink an eye.  You seem confident in all your new skills.  You socially smile all the time at everyone and anyone which makes me think you will be friendly and fun.  You also have a bit of a spunky side too, where you angrily talk and yell.  Mostly when you have been left alone too long, but also when you are doing something that takes work. Like chewing on your hands or chewing on a rattle. And wow, you are so loud!  We know you aren't upset unless you start to cry, but you really get over things quickly.  As in you can turn from full on crying into the biggest happiest smile.  You go back and forth a bit, but come out happy.  You've got a good sense of your emotions and you have a deep sense of what those feelings mean.  I am really amazed by you. Another thing I don't want to forgot is how strong you are.  You stand up when I put you on your feet and can put weight on those legs for a while.  You also can roll both ways, but besides that you just seem athletic. So maybe a future althete like your mom :)

You have a lot of people who admire you but none more than your brother and sister. Jillian always wants to bring you into her classroom at school, and Wes will constantly tell me how much he loves you. You have two siblings that truly look out for you, I can't wait to see how the friendships unfold.

You still have a sensitivity to dairy in my diet so it's been eliminated.  You nurse on demand, but can go 3-4 hours between feeds during the day and at night it just depends. You are sleeping in a co-sleeper in our room, and do not need to be swaddled. Not sure if you are going to start sucking your fingers but sometimes I see them in your mouth and think you might be soothing with them.  Not sure, since Jillian and Weston never sucked their fingers, so maybe?

We weighed you at 3 months and you were 13 pounds, so up 1 pound and 4 ounces since last month.  And you are REALLY tall.  Probably taller than Jillian at this age, but you are barely fitting into your 3 month onesies because they are too short for you, yet you are still a lean baby.  Size 1 diapers still, and you ROCK tummy time. Hence why your neck control and general strength are crazy!

Georgia I am beyond proud of all your accomplishments up to this point and can't wait to see you follow all your dreams.  I can't wait to you thrive into babyhood and beyond.  I love you SO much I just can't handle it!

Love, Mom

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