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Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night

Who doesn't love date night?? I do (raises both hands)! In order for us to save money, we had to put an end to date nights OUT. :( We always outdid ourselves: we'd get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant, order drinks, appetizers, and desert. As you can see this adds up so we changed our date nights to staying IN!

Last night, Tim and I were both home by 5 pm, which is ridiculously rare. It was such a gorgeous day, we spontaneously decided to have a date night OUT. All Tim's idea by the way. We went a great place on MV lake and enjoyed 2 hours of talking and laughing. The best part about the whole experience was having a waiter serve us and not having to do any clean up or dishes!

It's funny how things become so much more special when they don't become routine.

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