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Monday, April 5, 2010

Pregnancy: Week 5 & Some Changes to this Blog

Wow, things have changed!! Tim and I are having a baby, so this blog will start documenting this new chapter for us. Both of us are still shocked, and the idea that we are going to have a baby in 9 months doesn't actually feel real!

I hope that my blog becomes a great resource for other moms-to-be & future mom's thinking of pregnancy. I know I have found knowledge in a personal forum by reading my favorite bloggers. Plus I can now document all of the pregnancy up's and down's, allowing me to keep a personal record that I can reflect back on.

While the idea below isn't exactly original, I am going to try to provide a weekly update. I might not get around to it every week, if nothing is going on, but I really want to look back and remember every single detail of this pregnancy. I am beyond excited, and I hope you stick around through all this baby mumbo-jumbo. I promise my regular posts won't always be about baby, pregnancy and some random food craving I am having....I am still obsessed with clothes and shopping, and I still have lots of confessions to make on Tuesdays :)

How far along? 5 1/2 weeks
Total weight gain: Zero. My weight is still the same as pre-pregnancy.
Sleep: No changes
Best Moment this week: Telling Tim's side of the family the big news
Food cravings: None
Gender: ?
What I miss: A glass of wine at dinner
What I am looking forward to: My first doctors appointment
Milestones: We are pregnant!

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