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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Bump: 13 weeks

I am not showing too much, but there is a small bump. I can wear all my favorite clothes still, and have no problems fitting into my pants. They aren't even tight. :) I have been told that during your first pregnancy, you tend to see a distinct belly bump closer to 5 months. If you are preggers, or a mom, when did you really start to show?


  1. I started to show pretty early for a first pregnancy (I think?)...I guess it was right around 15 weeks when you could tell I was pregnant and just not gaining weight.

  2. ok...I lied, I just went back through my post and it was more like 13/14 weeks where I started showing (yikes)!

  3. I just popped this last month ... so I guess around week 17 or 18. Now I'm on the hunt for some comfortable maternity pants for work :)