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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Crib and Crib Bedding

I have been meaning to write a post about the crib Tim and I purchased. Now that we have it in our house, I realize this post is over due.

I feel very lucky to have a husband that lets me have free reign, on most, if not all decor in our house. I definitely want his opinion, and if it is something he hates, then I would never buy it. Lucky for us our style is pretty similar.

I was drawn right away to the two toned cribs (whites and browns). I am not per say going for a contemporary nursery, but I wanted something that felt new and crisp, as opposed to vintage or antique. I also wanted something safe.

Most cribs seem to be ever-changing in their safety standards. In fact just recently some 10+ cribs were re-called due to issues dealing with malfunction or hazard causing materials. A complete list of which cribs were recalled can be found here. Luckily our crib was not one of these....

Because of my concern for safety, I decided to buy our crib brand new/current. I also wanted to make sure we purchased a crib that was made from solid wood. Most cribs contain some amount of pressed wood, which wouldn't be a huge problem, except for the glue that holds this wood together. Most glues associated with pressed wood usually contains toxic VOC's or formaldehyde. I also wanted to make sure the manufacturer was using non-toxic materials in their finishes, gloss, stain or paint. It's incredibly overwhelming to take all of this information in, and make a qualified decision. Then throw in budget and style and boom it becomes one of the hardest decisions we have had to make so far.

Thanks to Tim, the blogging world and consumer reports we made the decision to purchase the Baby Mod Parklane 3 in 1 crib in Amber and White from Walmart. It retails for under $300 and Walmart offers a ship to store site feature that allows you to save on shipping costs.

When we opened the box last night, I held my breath, hoping that it would meet all my expectations esthetically and it did! The dark wood is the exact color I had hoped for, and the material felt heavy and smooth. I looked at Tim, thinking how proud I was of us to make such an informed decision that will not only house our sleeping baby at night, but keep our baby safe as well.

The crib bedding is a long story, but I will keep it short and to the point. I purchased the bedding off Craigslist. It was brand new in the packaging for $50. The lady selling the bedding was told she was having a boy, and when she gave birth, out popped a little girl. She never had time to return the bedding, along with all the rest of the boy items she received at her baby shower. Could you blame her? She had her hands full with a newborn, so she made do with everything until she could take things back and exchange them. Lucky for me, the store would not take back her purchase and I walked away with the deal of the century. The set retails over $200 brand new. So you are probably wondering if the set is geared towards a boy?? It is, but the only part that is 'boy' is the fitted crib sheet in blue. So if we are having a girl I plan on swapping out the sheet for a bright green or yellow.

We are constantly checking craigslist and consignment stores for a chair and dresser, but right now I feel 100% content on our purchases!

The crib bedding above

The Baby Mod Park lane Crib above (note: this is not our crib, ours is in pieces on the floor waiting to be assembled).


  1. I love the bedding (we were actually looking at this one too....but husband wanted animals)..and what a great steal!

  2. Very cute. My crib is white too!!