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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Whirlwind of Sorts

I have been in 3 airports, 2 rental cars, and 1 hotel in the last two weeks. I am exhausted....still! My focus today is to update this blog, and to get all my expense reports done.

The night before I left for San Francisco, my sister in law had her birthday party at a Karaoke bar. I got some really good pictures of everyone "attempting" to sing. Actually, I lie. There were some really good singers in our group, I was impressed. Tim wanted us to get up and sing, but honestly Karaoke is not my thing. I can belt it out in the the car, or when I have had a few cocktails, but sober and singing in front of a crowd is not going to fly. (please note: the old man singing was a Karaoke pro. He serenaded all the girls with old songs from the 40's and 50's).

I flew to San Francisco the next evening, and began work on Monday. Work on the road means long hours. This was no exception, but I still found time to work out and meet up with friends. My second night in town I was able to see, Amy, my old college roommate. She is due at the end of September with her 2nd baby (a boy), and it was so great to see her preggers. I saw her preggers with her first baby 2 years ago so it was a special moment for us to share pregnancy stories together (and have me actually relate). I wish I would have gotten a picture of the two of us. She is all belly, of course, and freaking adorable.

Later in the week, I headed up to the city for dinner. We started with Irish food, moved to Sushi, and then while everyone was focused on the next bar/club to hit up, I took a taxi home. This pregnant momma was tired.

I couldn't wait for my work week to end, because on Thursday I flew to Phoenix for my cousin, Shannyn's, wedding. My mom and I were super excited because it was just the two of us (san's husband's and my brother) on this little adventure. We rented a car and drove two hours to Prescott, a small mountain town North/West of Phoenix. My mom's sister, my Aunt Marlys, are hilarious together. They are constantly cracking up at each other, and laughing at their "old age." My cousin, the bride to be, brought over her wedding dress on Thursday night for us to see, and we were giddy with wedding excitment. We talked marriage, weddings and babies, before hitting the bed for some sound sleep. The next morning was wedding mayhem. My mom, Aunt, and I went over to the venue 4 hours before to set up the outdoor Ramada. The weather started to take a turn for the worse once we arrived, but even through the wind, we were able to hang lights, wrap tables and place center pieces. Through the chaos I ran back to the house to get ready and change. The weather had turned from wind and clouds to full on rain and thunderstorms. By the time I got back to the house the power went out. Shannyn had not finished getting ready, and her hair still needed to be curled. Through the stress of this, she kept calm the whole time. I was so impressed. I have never seen a more laid back, happy, bride. I managed to throw my dress on, and get out the door since the house was full of bridesmaids and photographers. Once back at the venue the groom's family had started to arrive and help with the food set up. My mom was great in organizing and helping everyone feel comfortable. I never thought in a million years that an August wedding in Arizona would be cold, but thank goodness I brought a sweater. A last minute decision was made to pull all the chairs into the covered Ramada and to have the ceremony at the reception site. We spent 20 minutes drying the chairs and re-arranging the tables. It was a good decision at this point, because it was pouring.

Once the ceremony started the most miraculous thing happened. Literally the sun started to peak around the clouds and the rain stopped. It was a beautiful ceremony and my mom was shedding tears. It was a special moment for us to see my only cousin on my mom's side say "I do." The sun didn't take long to warm things back up. The wedding was informal, simple and small, which made for a very intimate union for Kevin and Shannyn. I am so happy for them.

Saying our goodbyes on Saturday was hard, but we were headed back to Phoenix for a pool party at my Aunt Sheila's house. Everyone was there, including the newest addition to our family, baby Shiloh. Crystal and Heath both looked like parenthood came naturally, and baby Shiloh was just a little tiny thing. She is a spitting image of Heath, and my mom and I took turns holding her and cooing to her. It felt wonderful to hold a baby in my arms, and it of course made me excited to soon hold my own baby. We spent the next 6 hours planning our family vacation for 2011, and then went to bed. Sunday we flew home and today I am back at work.

I am still not sure how 2 weeks can feel like they happened so long ago? Thank god, this work week is short, and next week is labor day!! Woooooooooooooohoooooooooo!!

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