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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pregnancy: Week 27

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain: 23 pounds!! In the last two and half weeks I have jumped up to 23 total pounds gained. Most of the weight gain is in the bump. Tim said I really popped after not seeing me for two weeks.
Sleep: I am doing pretty good on sleep. I am still getting 8-9 hours a night, but am still getting up about once to twice to use the restroom. Tim and I fight over the boppy pillow and have learned to share it. It sleeps in between us in the bed!
Best Moment this week: Getting showered with gifts from co-workers and family during my travels. I also was able to see my cousin, Shannyn, get married and spend a weekend adventure with my mom.
Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!
What I miss: I still get heartburn, and haven't had a sound night of sleep in awhile, but again, I am loving this pregnancy. I get to watch in awe as my body changes right in front to me.
What I am looking forward to: I have my glucose test on Tuesday. Plus I have another appointment to check up on baby girl.
Milestones: Moving into the 3rd trimester! Time is really flying by.

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  1. Yay for 3rd tri! Time will fly by until the last month! ;O) Glad you & baby are doing well!!