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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pregnancy - Doctor Update

So the Glucose drink that everyone said "wasn't so bad," was bad. The first swallows were okay, but after that, it was just too freakin' sugary to get down. I literally had to plug my nose, and just down it because I knew if I sipped too slow I wouldn't make it in the 5 minutes they gave me. In college, I was a pro at taking shots with my nose plugged. I could binge drink like the best of the them with this tactic. Anyways, I got a a call yesterday from my doctor. I saw the # come through on my phone and was like OH CRAP!!!!!!!!! She said no news was good news, so any call coming from the doctor's office, was not going to be good news.

After I hesitantly answered, she told me I passed the glucose test. I was stoked!! However, she had some bad news to deliver regarding my blood work. Apparently I am low in Iron. I guess this is very common in pregnancy, so I shouldn't worry. I picked up the recommended Iron Supplement, SlowFE, and have to take this in addition to my prenatal pill. Catch is, I can't take it within 3-4 hour of my prenatal pill or calcium. Calcium prevents the body to easily absorb the iron, which I did not know.

I am going to start eating more iron rich foods in the next couple of months. Let's hope I see a change soon...



  1. I had to take iron pills too!

  2. Found your blog over at "Live.Love.Laugh". Congrats on your pregnancy! You are such a pretty mom-to-be :)

    Happy Friday to you also!