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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini Photo Shoot

Backyard style....Tim and I are starting our first family tradition (stolen from my mother in law). We are starting to send out yearly Christmas cards with photos. I know a lot of people do Christmas cards, but my mother in law has been doing them since Tim was first born. And she saves each one in an album.

I want to start our own traditions as we become a family and this is one of them I am really excited about. So we took to the backyard for a quick and impromptu photo shoot. I was happy with the results.

Here are two of my favorites.


  1. great photos! both are really good

  2. Very cute! :)
    I can't wait to send out yearly Christmas photos.

  3. I LOVE Christmas cards. We send out photo ones every year as well. Its a BIG southern tradition! I keep them from year to year as well!
    Love your pic! Keep one for yourself and frame it in a Christmas frame and you can put them out each year with your decor. Its fun to see the changes year to year, especially with a growing family!