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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Surprise Baby Shower

I am thankful for a wonderful group of co-workers. I feel it's a perk to work in a small office (even though my company itself is HUGE), because everyone really does form a special friendship. It's some what like a small family.

They ordered lunch from Ribs to go, and we had messy chicken and rib meal with mashers and corn bread. On top of all this finger licking good food, we had chocolate cake. I got spoiled with a TON of gifts. I honestly can't believe how generous people are. People really do open their hearts, and I was overwhelmed once again by their kindness to shower my baby girl.

Some goodies I scored: the boppy breastfeeding pillow, tons of clothes, a pair of winter booties, a bottle warmer, and the cutest little dress for Christmas (that says I love Santa).

Not very many pictures to share, but here are a few snapped on an iPhone.

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  1. I totally agree about small office families! I miss mine and it has been 5 years since I left them! We still keep in touch!
    Did you get a that rubbermaid bin FULL OF CLOTHES? dang! That cake looks amazing!