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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Bump: 36 weeks, 2 days

Today, I was just not in the photo mood, hence the black and white shot. The fact that I am 4 months overdue for a highlight and hair cut might be contributing to my blah feeling today.

I treated myself to a massage this weekend at Stress Busters Day Spa. It was fantastic, all 60 minutes. I have gotten two massages this pregnancy, and I would say to all pregnant moms they are worth every single penny. I came out of my appointment feeling so relaxed and calm. My masseuse explained that at 40 weeks, they have an induction massage where they hit certain pressure points in hopes to induce labor. If I reach 40 weeks, I am definitely taking scheduling one.

In other news, my Aunt seems to be on the mend. Her kidney's seem to be holding up and producing enough blood count, that she might even be able to go home from the hospital in the next two weeks. Her spirit is still vibrant and positive, and I know how much she would love to be in her own home with her family. Tim and I continue to keep them in our thoughts daily.

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  1. I never got a massage while pregnant...I wanted to but think I was scared because of all the pressure points. I did however get one about 2 weeks after birth...and it was wonderful! I highly recommend that! :)