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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh what a weekend....

This had to have been the most stressful weekend in my whole pregnancy (and none of it had to do with the actual pregnancy).

Saturday morning, Tim and I had this enormous To-Do list that started with a Vet appointment for Bacon at 10:00 am. After 2 hours at the Vet, and a $600 bill, I sat in the car almost in tears. While Bacon's well being is super important to us, and we would never deny care, this could not have hit us at a worse time. Bacon has been dealing with an ear infection on and off for about 3 years, and finally after multiple attempts to fix it with antibiotics, we decided to culture the bacteria to find out what it actually is so we can get rid of it once and for all. On top of this, the Vet thinks the ear infections are directly related to allergies. To test this theory, Bacon is now on another medication we have to give to him orally for the next 6 months (and this stuff is not cheap). We plan on keeping a close watch on him to see how he reacts to this medicine and to see if actually works.

This two hour visit and financial burden, really put me and Tim in a bad mood. So after the next two quick errands, we decided to cut our day short and just head home. While doing so, my car decided to overheat. With a little bit of luck on our side, we were able to make it home, losing power in my engine the entire way. Immediately we called roadside assistance and had them tow it to the nearest dealership. When we finally reunited with my car, we immediately sat down with a service advisor and started going over the problem. It was tedious and long, but thank god Tim was there during this whole experience. Once my car was "checked in" we then got situated with our rental car, and Tim and I finally had a chance to grab a bite to eat. At this point it was 4:30 in the afternoon and we were beyond fried from the days events.

Of course there were some heated moments between Tim and I, as the stresses of the day went from bad to worse. There was some yelling and screaming (I like to call venting). But in the end, We had each other's help to get through the days events. Sometimes it takes the lows in a relationship to show me how great we work together as a team. In time of need, Tim was there to comfort me, and at the end of my night I was snuggling with Bacon and looking forward to a new day....

Which happened to be BEAUTIFUL!! Today, I woke up Tim around 11 with pancakes and coffee. We then packed our car and headed to the beach. It was 78 degrees for most of the day, and we spent our afternoon hours lounging on the beach, body boarding, and reading.

Saturday is now in the past, and we can only move forward. Besides, our future includes a little girl who we will soon be calling our daughter. It can't get any better than that.


  1. Delurking! Sorry about your stressful day. That sucks! Thankfully you were blessed with gorgeous weather to enjoy a much needed stress-free day! Way to rock the bikini!!!

  2. We also had some major suprise expenses right before Ethan was born. It's not fun and definitely stressful. It'll all work out though. Just have faith!

  3. so sorry to hear that you had such a stressful day....especially so close to the end of your pregnancy! You just need t relax and breathe :) At least it was warm enough for you guys to head to the beach...we are getting pretty chilly where I'm at