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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nursery Reveal

The crib arrived!! We first had to clear out the entire spare bedroom. Once we did that, we were able to build the crib and start moving in all of her other furniture as it was bought.

I remember thinking, when will this room come together??

I helped install the curtain rod. I spent 5 minutes on this project, got frustrated and Tim took over.

As you can tell from this picture, I am obviously thinking "is this the right tool." I am so confused, so once I again, Tim comes to the rescue.

Her finished closet took a while, because part of it was being shared with Tim's camping gear. I finally had to figure out a new place for his camping gear, since she got so much stuff and we needed the space. No one tells you how much baby gear you will need storage for! We got the wood storage compartment at a consignment store. You can find these at Ikea, but lucky for us, it came with all the storage bins, so it was a steal.

We already owned the chair, so I put a fresh coat of paint on it. The dresser we found off Craigslist. The prints and frames are from Ikea.

It took me months of searching for the fabric rocker and ottoman. I finally found one in Riverside county, and with the help of my friend Sousan, we were able to pick it up with her Tahoe and keep it at her house for a few weeks. The bear mobile was free. The brown storage bins on the top shelf are from Target, while the star basket was from Goodwill.

Most of my blogging friends know the saga of the baby bedding. I ended up sticking with this set from Dwell (target edition). The bookshelf is from Ikea, and most everything in it, we already owned.

The curtains & green lantern are from Ikea.

Surprisingly the best part about the dresser is all the storage compartments.

I made our little girl's closet dividers. So easy and under $5. All of her clothes are hand-me downs and gifts. I personally only bought a handful of outfits, which I purchased from Goodwill & consignment stores.

I am really proud of her nursery. It took me a long time to piece everything together. Our first purchase was the crib, and is my favorite piece in the room. It's simple, yet modern, and has a ton of storage in the bottom compartment where I am storing her extra sheets, mattress pad covers, and blankets.

Once we had built the crib, we started looking on craigslist and consignment stores for the rest of her furniture. Once those pieces were purchased, I had second thoughts on the bedding and decided to change at the last minute. The Dwell bedding set I ended up buying really set the tone for the colors in the room. We did her accent wall in a bright green (Tim's favorite color), and we added a ton of primary colors as accents. What I love the most about her bedding is that I was able to incorporate a ton of colors for accents ---- which made shopping for all the nick nacks a lot of fun. I was stoked to find the star basket at Goodwill for only $2. 99, as well as a lot of the picture frames in the room from Target for $3 each.

Overall we spent $750 to create her nursery. Plus we did it with no help from family. I am really proud of all the hard work and I know it will be really comfortable place for our daughter. I find myself sneaking into her room envisioning her there. I imagine her cooing in her crib or me rocking her to sleep on the chair. Many of our first memories will be created in this room, and I am glad it is a space I absolutely love.

If you have any questions, please let me know!!


  1. It looks absolutely amazing and that budget is amazing! I saw the closet storage and was going to ask where you got it but you already answered that! I'm looking to see if I can find it at our ikea. I am amazed at how much stuff I need to find "a place" for! You should be so proud of the room- it looks GREAT

  2. What a great job! I love that crib!!

  3. Your nursery looks great! I can't believe what an awesome budget you were able to do it with...and all those clothes...LOVE IT!