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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pregnancy: Week 38 (a few days late) and Other Updates

How far along? 38 weeks & 4 days
Total weight gain: 30 pounds - eating has slowed down due to heartburn/acid reflux
Sleep: Awful. Between bathroom runs and really bad heartburn, I am getting no sleep at all. One night my heartburn was so bad I threw up a few times just for relief.
Gender: Girl
What I miss: Sleep and not feeling tired all the time
Food Cravings: Nothing
Best Moment this week: Being on maternity leave!!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting my daughter!

I haven't been the best blogger in the last week. I thought that being on maternity leave would mean that I have a lot more time. But time seems to be flying by.

Tim and I are constantly anxious. I have dreams about labor, and Tim is dying to meet his daughter. He thinks he is doing his best by talking to her every single night, coaxing her to come into this world soon, but I am now predicting we make it to 40 weeks. Personally I don't care when she comes. At first I wanted her to come early, but I would be okay if I had to go a couple more weeks. I am still really comfortable (except) for the lack of sleep. On the doctor front, I had my 38/39 week check up today and I am 2 cm dilated and 60-70% effaced. I may have lost my mucous plug last week, but I can't be sure. Thank goodness I am on maternity leave though. I am now going into my second week of leave, and I can honestly say it's heaven. Originally I had planned to work my last week this week, but as a first time mom, I didn't realize how much I was going to slow down towards the end. Because the baby is sitting so low, it makes things like walking the dog exhausting.

So how am I keeping myself busy?? I am in a cleaning frenzy!! I clean almost every day, and I am doing laundry all the time. I also am watching a lot of movies, spending time in my day buying Christmas gifts, and meeting up with family and friends for lunches and dinners. Last Thursday my MIL and I went to lunch. After lunch, we spent the afternoon going over her famous recipes. It was fun to hear her memories of each dish, and I loved hearing her funny stories of Tim and what foods he liked as a kid.

Friday night was a really special night for Tim and I. We spent the evening with our best friends, John & Lisa. During dinner, John and Lisa, asked Tim and I to be their baby's god parents. I haven't yet discussed her pregnancy on my blog, so for those that follow me, she is having twins (and yes, they were conceived naturally). They found out a few weeks ago they are having 1 boy and 1 girl - a Royal sampler (right John)?! I am so beyond honored to be a god parent with Tim to these little babes. Lisa is due at the end of March, so our kids will be close in age. I really love John and Lisa like they are family, and can't wait to blend our own families together.

Speaking of family, my Aunt is back home from the hospital after 3 long weeks in ICU. I am amazed every day with her updates. She seems to be doing really well, back with her kids and comforts of home. I just wish we lived closer so I could actually see her and hug her.

And without further a due, some random iPhone pics. Why not???

Evidence of the BEST chicken pot pie EVER cooked. Thanks Tim.

Milo really likes to get into the baby stuff around our house. I think it's ridiculously cute that this is his new place to nap for most of the day. I think he is ready to meet our baby girl!

Bacon hogging my boppy pillow.

Maternity leave consists of lots of snuggle time with my animals.

Is anyone shopping this Friday? Doorbusters for Target start at 4 am, Kohl's at 3 am, and Toys r Us at midnight. I have never shopped that early on Black Friday, but it sounds fun. I wish my mom was coming down for Thanksgiving, because I would make her come with me. Did you know that Target is selling gourmet grilled cheese makers for $3!!?? I wonder how fast a pregnant woman can run into the store when the doors open.


  1. EVERY TIME you post a picture of Bacon, I laugh out loud. I LOVE your puppy! You should post some more often!

    I am completely jealous of your maternity leave! I'm planning on working until baby comes but I would love it if I could take a few weeks off before he gest here.

    Way to go on the cervical change! You may not make it to your due date!!!

  2. I love the picture of Milo in the car seat that is priceless!!