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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Jillian - 3 Months

My dearest Jillian –
What a charming little girl you are becoming. It’s so exciting to see you grow and change right before my eyes. Your personality is coming out more and more each day. You love to be around people. You enjoy your gym classes at My Gym, and you love interacting with other babies in our weekly Mommy and Me Group. You also love to be held. You love to be where the action is, but I have noticed you like to observe things. I call it people watching. Once you feel comfortable, you love to chat it up. You talk so much, in fact, you are the first baby to chat in your play dates. Everyone laughs at you, and then you flash your biggest smile. You have so many different smiles that you give us. My favorite one is the flirty one, where you smile and then look away. I know you are going to be a charmer. You love to chat with your bumble bee friends on your activity map. Sometimes you get so chatty, you sound like you are yelling at them. You are so close to giving us a real laugh. I hear the beginnings of your giggles, it’s so cute!!
You have a ton of nicknames so far, but I like to call you my little munchkin. Your grandma and grandpa B call you bread basket and buttons. Your daddy calls you Jilly or Bean, and we both love to refer to you as muffin.

You are a great sleeper. You may not sleep as many hours as I would prefer, but you do sleep through the night for babies your age. And through the night I mean you sleep 6-6 ½ hours when we first put you down.

We put you down between 8:30 – 9:00 pm every night, and you wake between 3:00 – 5:00 am for your first feeding. You are so easy to put down. All we do is wrap you tight in your swaddle, turn your sleep sheep on, and place you in your crib. Out you go.

You are a pro at naps. You get three a day. One in the morning, one mid-day and one in the early evening.

As of right now you are still sleeping in the pack and play at night, which is in our room. Your naps are in your own room in your own crib. But not for long. We plan on moving you to your crib tonight!!

Daily Routine:
At last we have a pretty solid routine down.

7am: You wake up and we feed you. After you get a diaper change and then mommy sings to you. Our good morning song always delivers huge smiles. It’s a highlight of the day to see you!

7:30-12: We have 2 hours of play time! We read together, we play on the activity mat, we practice tummy time, and we do lots of talking. You will go down for your morning nap; usually an hour and right when you wake up you eat.

12-4: More play time for a couple hours and then another nap. You get another feeding and have a couple of diaper changes. Typically I use this time to run errands with you. We usually go to the grocery store or we meet up with friends for lunches.

4-9: You have more play time, more eating, more diaper changes. One more nap, and then daddy’s usually home from work around 6. You are fussy sometimes between 5-7 pm, but you are easy to soothe. .*You get bath time every other night, usually around 6 pm*

This is a milestone for me! I have made it three months pumping and providing you with breast milk. Right now you are consistently getting 30-32 ounces of food a day. 70% is breastmilk, and 30% is formula. We use the Efamil Premium.

You eat 7-8 times a day. You cry for food every 2-3 hours, and usually drink between 4-6 ounces each time.

You are by far a PRO at burping. Sometimes you burp yourself before I can even get you to my shoulder.

You spit up just a few times a day.

I am still pumping around the clock every 3 hours, sometimes 2. But soon I plan to wean off of this schedule and just start pumping 2-3 times a day. We have enough stored breast milk in the freezer to provide you another week, and I plan to start you exclusively on formula at 4 months.


At birth:8lbs 2 oz

2 weeks: 7 lbs 15 oz

2 months: 10lbs, 8 oz (50th percentile)

3 months:


At birth: 19 3/4 inches

2 weeks: 20 3/4 inches

2 months: 22 3/4 (75th percentile)

3 months:

Clothes Size:

3 month onesies.

3 month sleepers (some 3-6 months)

3 month clothes

3 month pants

Hair Color:

At birth: dark brown and lots of it

Currently: light brown, and still sporting the bald patches

Eye color:

At birth: Deep blue

1 month: Light blue

2 months: Light blue

3 months: Light blue

Funniest moment:

You tried a swing for the first time last week. You were scared and amused at the same time. I can’t wait to see your face when we go back this week.


You hold your head on your own with some wobbling.

You found your hands and can hold rattles and stuffed animals.

You know momma’s voice and anytime visitors hold you, you are always looking for me.

You smile ALL the time. .

You love to “stand” with the help of mommy and daddy

Your favorite toy:

You love your activity mat and your bee friends :)
Swing – only sometimes.


The start of a real giggle
First 8 hour sleep stretch – just happened once!
First time your god parent’s baby sat you – You did so great!
First time “standing”
First time looking at yourself in a mirror
First time meeting other babies


  1. She is such a doll!!! I am soooo jealous of your routine! The only one we have is do what Truitt wants, when he wants it! I am realllly hoping to get one established soon!

  2. Sounds like Jillian is doing wonderfully! She's such a cutie. Yay for 3 months!

  3. So cute! And I have to say, she sounds like a DREAM baby! My son is 10 months old and still doesn't sleep. You must be doing something right!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! She is adorable!!!! I love that second picture!