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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The down and dirty side

So far this week, Jillian has had 3 diaper blow outs! Ummmm, it's Thursday. These diaper blow outs don't just require an outfit change, because she blows them out on her swing. This means three times this week I have had to remove the swing liner and wash it. These diaper blow outs also require a bath.

Our little sweet girl also LOVES to spit up. All. The. Time. I smell like sour milk for most of my day, and today I realized I had dried up crunchy hair. I didn't realize my hair is now a casulty of war, not just my clothes.

Tim doesn't know this, but today she spit up all over our couch. I think we need to invest in leather couches the next go around.

(Dana, when I wrote this post I thought of you and Aydan)


  1. PB has finally outgrown both spitting up and blow outs and I am SO THANKFUL!

  2. Sounds like it might be time to change diaper brands? Although, sometimes....I think it's just bound to happen depending on how they are sitting.

  3. This happens to us all the time! Unfortunately or maybe fortunately in this instance Sully hates his swing so we dodged the poop in the swing mess. He spits up a ton and has blowouts practically every other day. We change our clothes at least 2 to 3 times a day. The Dr. said that when we add food (at 6 months) he will be less likely to blowout. So I guess we have two more months and then we'll see :) Wow long comment...ha!

  4. Our pedi calls them carseat poops because you have to change the diaper, clothes AND the carset cover!!! Truitt hasn't pooped in FIVE days so I'm sure it'll be a doozy when he does!

  5. oh man I don't miss that!! but she is so beautiful!! what a little peanut.