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Monday, March 14, 2011

Please don't steal my baby

I was at the mall last week with Lisa and Jillian, and a girl around 20 years old approached us. She stood there in front of Jillian who was on my lap, and ohhhhed and awwwed over her. Then she proceeded to reach out and tickle her, touch her hands, and rub her cheeks. Then she tried to reach under her arm pits like she was going to pick her up. I quickly reacted, pulled Jillian back and said, "it is not okay to pick up the baby."

She apologized and walked on.

Let me rant for a bit. Strange people should NOT be touching my baby. It's okay to approach us and pay us compliments (we like those), but don't try to touch her. I don't know if you are sick, or if you have been around sick people. My baby is not even 4 months old yet, and I really don't need her getting sick on account of some stranger.

This situation was a learning lesson for me, and I am glad it happened. I am not going to be the naive sweet mom I have been. There are wierdo's out there. The next time one of them approaches us and starts to make us uncomfortable in any way, I am going to tell them to leave us alone.

Let me lighten the mood of this post by including some pictures of my really cute baby. :)


  1. Totally Agree! I also have issues with children that try to grab on to my baby, and my friend suggested i say "HE is sick so only touch his feet" because after having a sick baby you know nothing is worth risking germs for your precious! I will hurt a strangers feelings in a heart beat before i put peebs at risk! Lesson learned the hard way for me as well!!

  2. oh my, creepy for sure! I had an older lady stop and totally bump me out of the way in the grocery store to talk to my toddler son who was in the cart. She even held her arms out to lift him up and I had to step in the way. People have a lot of nerve.

  3. I just don't know what makes people think that is okay! Ugh!

  4. Can you imagine going up to a stranger and trying to pick up their baby???? When was that ever ok? You have to speak up and tell these people to back off. Good for you.

  5. Oh i know! what makes people think its okay!?? i would never go up to a stranger and try to pick up their baby. I would have to walk away fast.