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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too much in one Day

This past weekend, Jillian and I met up with Sousan. We drove up to Pasadena on Sunday to explore the Pasadena Flea Market. It takes place the second sunday of each month, and is so big, you can't even see it all in one day. I definitely plan on heading back, sans Jillian, because it was a long day trying to keep her comfortable. There was so much to look at, I was somewhat overwhelmed, and the grounds weren't exaclty kid friendly. We did find a rare patch of shade for a feeding and diaper change, and used that time to sit, relax and let Jillian out of her stroller. The people watching was so much fun. I love LA and the eclectic mix of people. We also spotted a few cast members from Glee, although I did not recognize any of them since I don't watch that show (I must be the only one who doesn't).

After hours at the flea market, we left with a few cute finds for Jillian and headed to Colorado street in Pasadena for some shopping and lunch.

By the time we finished eating lunch, it was 3:30 and I had to head home. Jillian did surprisingly well considering we were both up at 6 am, to start the day, not to mention we lost an hour due to the clocks changing for spring.

I still think we took on too much, and I learned a lot about Jillian in the process. She doesn't like to be in her car seat/stroller for long periods of time. She can handle car rides, but once she is in her stroller being pushed around, she would just rather me hold her. This screams social butterfly to me, because all she really wants is to be a part of everything going on around her. She loves to people watch, see the action and be in my arms. She is truly turning into a little mini me.

I am still trying to blend my new life with my old one. It's a challenge, but I'll figure it out soon.


  1. It is a challenge, but I think it's just something that will take time. I just try to keep doing everything I used to do and take it from there. Obviously things aren't going to be the same....but there will be some sort of balance eventually.

  2. I know what you mean. Pre-baby I was always a "doer" and up for simple adventures because sitting still has never been something I love to do unless its on a beach. I love to be out and about or crafting and having a baby has definitely given me a lesson in patience and just slowed me down some. I still try to get out and do things though for my own sanity :)