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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Jillian - Month 7

Dear Jillian,
This last month has been HUGE for your growing lists of firsts.

You got two teeth this past month. Two!! They are right next to each other on your bottom gum line. They are as white as can be, sit perfectly aligned and you already know how to use them (thank goodness I am not breastfeeding anymore). You have been teething like crazy, and I suspect another one is about to pop up, but nothing gets in the way of your positive mood. You still eat, sleep and smile all day long. No fussy baby here.

Maybe it's because you are getting to eat real food. We started you on organic baby food once you hit 6 months. Prior to that you were eating rice cereal through your bottle at night. First you tried Squash - you weren't a fan. Second, was sweet potatoes, and you seemed interested. By carrots, you were sold. I think you had to get used to the idea of the spoon, the texture, the process. Now you can't get enough. I do all your feedings (except when I have an occasional business trip). You get to eat right when we get home from work/daycare. I strip off your clothes (because you are so darn messy), and place you in the bumbo-chair with a bib tied around your neck. At this point you know what's coming, and you pound both fists as if to tell me to hurry up. You eat a jar a day, on average. You have not acquired a taste for fruits yet, which is surprising since it's all I ate while I as pregnant with you. The face you make when you eat something you don't like is priceless. You curl up your lip, look at me in bewilderment and then your tongue will push out the food so you won't swallow it.

Something you absolutely love and make happy faces when doing is swimming!! You have been twice now. Once over memorial day weekend with our friends Sarah, Curtis and their son, Colton. You splished and splashed, while Colton cried. I think you probably thought to yourself, don't be such a baby, because you reached out to him and tried to splash him.
The second time, you and I had a warm weekend afternoon to ourselves. We decided to layout and swim. We put on our cute lil bikini's and headed to the pool. You were giddy once you felt the water touch your toes, and you kick your legs like crazy when something excites you. Well those little legs were kicking and they kicked in the water too. Your eyes grew so big when I ventured into deeper water, and I sang and played motorboat with you. After a long swim, you napped while I tanned, and then we did it all over again ---- with another break for some food, of course!

Most recently, you are starting to talk and form sounds that will be the beginnings of words. We aren't sure if what you are saying can be considered your first words but we have heard you mumble, "hi," "hey, " "da-da," and "ma-ma." You have found your voice this past month and when you aren't babbling, you scream, yell and grunt. These sounds come out when you are really excited about something, surprised or giddy, which is pretty much all the time.

Another big milestone this month is your ability to scoot. You can get up on your hands (in what I like to call your cobra position) and scoot backwards. It's not a crawl, but you are almost there. Pretty soon we won't be able to leave you alone, which also means we better start baby proofing the house.

You got an upgrade on your transportation this past month. We purchased you a new stroller. It's a big girl stroller and makes me a little sad you have outgrown your infant snap and go. I better get used to this thing called growing up, Miss Jillian. Never in a million years have I wanted to time to stand still as I do now. Happiness is always around our little family. It's like a warm blanket you wrap yourself in after a long cold day. It's a constant reminder to appreciate my life and everything that is happening in it. This family of three is perfection in my eyes. We have a wonderful system working for us, and our moto is we have it good. Whenever I get a little down about traveling for work or not getting to see you in the mornings, Tim will look at me and remind me that we have it good. In this crazy chaotic life, we have a little happy niche carved out for our family. Thank you for coming into our lives, and thank you for being such a sweet little girl. Happiness is you.


7 month Stats (Jillian won't have another check up until her 9 months so the following are just estimates):
Weight: 17 pounds
Height: 28 inches
Head: Not sure

Sleep Stats:
Not much has changed. You go down between 8:30 and 9:00 pm and wake between 4:30 and 6:00 am. One morning you let us sleep until 10 am! I was in shock. Your naps are still consistant with one in the morning, one in the afternoon and a very short one in the evening.

You get 6 bottles a day, each 7 ounces. In addition to your bottles you get a jar of food in the evening, and two jars of food on the weekends.

Random Stuff:
You are now wearing size 2 diapers
You wear size 9 month clothing full time now
You have really sensitive skin - you get diaper rashes and heat rashes so we try and give you a lot of naked baby time
You still go crazy for the Baby Bjorn
You screech with delight over Milo, Bacon and the dogs at your daycare

You scoot
You started talking
You eat baby food
You have two teeth
You sleep on your stomach now
You no longer need a sleep sack
You cry to be held
You love the water and have been swimming many times

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