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Friday, July 1, 2011

Jillian Update

As of recent, Jillian has really been expressing her personality. It's larger than her!

She hates it when I dress her. She hates the whole processing of putting clothes on. She has better things to do, like exploring everything around her. So the thought of sitting still and missing out on something, puts her into a crying, raging fit. It stops once I pick her back up and again, and instantly that smile reappears.

She also want to be held a lot more. And when we aren't holding her, she wants us to be next to her when she plays. I think she is afraid of losing out on valuable learning time. She is at the age where she is taking in SOOOO much. She loves to look around, see what's in her surroundings, and look to us for guidance. You can tell her brain is working around the clock...

Which means nap time is suffering. Naps have always been her strong point, but she is discovering so many news things she just wants to permanently stay awake. I typically have to soother her to sleep by holding her and rocking her, which I certainly don't mind.

She screeches, yells, screams, throws her back, scoots, rolls, move all around, and swats things. She is ACTIVE.

She has what we like to call her monster voice, where she talks in a low husky grrrrrrr...

Oh how we love this sweet little thing.

It's almost daily when we get approached by strangers that comment on her beauty, the color of her eyes and her overall disposition. When Jillian is awake she's smiling. It's really that simple.

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  1. She is such a cutie and I love that dress you have on her in the bottom photograph! Such pretty eyes - LOVE!