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Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Girl Bath Time

Bath time in our household is a huge production. Once we start running the water to fill the tub, our little bear's ears perk right up. That girl doesn't miss a thing, and once she hears that water, she's vocalizing to us she's ready to jump in.

Now that we are no longer using her infant bath tub, she has full reign of the tub. We fill it up to her hips, and add in all her bath toys. We sing the song, Rubby Ducky, and yell out "it's bath time."

To her this is play time. She splashes around, turning her back to me when I try and scrub her face with the wash cloth. She is all over the place too. Turning, tossing, trying to stand. It's pretty hilarious. Once I finish the scrubbing, I give her some more play time before she's pulled from the water and dried off.

It's common for Jillian to cry once I try to lather lotion all over her body. She usually tries to escape the towel for the nearest toy, and how can I say no to that when I see her clean naked body crawling away from me. I can tell by her screetch she's excited to be clean and the last thing on her mind is putting on a diaper or jammers (PJ's).

I love our nightly routine, and clearly so does Jillian!

*the pictures below are the last night we used her infant tub.*

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  1. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! She is absolutely beautiful!!! Bath time is a favorite in our house too :D