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Sunday, September 4, 2011


We spent our first labor day weekend as a family at Disneyland!! Jillian's godfather John, met us at the gate, and walked us in on Friday. Our goal for the day was to just enjoy the park as a family.

Jillian only napped once. The stimulation of sites, sounds and people got her so excited. She got fussy in two lines, only because she was over tired, but once she got her quick 30 minute nap in, she was game for the rest of the day. She absolutely loved It's a Small World. She clapped her little hands, and bounced on my lap. She eagerly awaited as we floated from room to room. She even flashed a few smiles! I would say her next favorite ride was Alice in Wonderland. We also got a front row seat on Pirates, which was really fun! I forgot about the two small drops in the beginning, which Jillian loved. It was fun holding her on the rides, because once she got excited she would kick her legs. It's a true tell sign she's loving something :)

During the day, anytime we needed to feed her we would stop by Disney's Baby Center. This place was incredible and made the park so baby-friendly. They had changing stations, highchairs, comfortable seating for feeding, privacy rooms for breastfeeding, filtered water, bottle warmers, and formula for sale. I could easily take Jillian there again by myself, and we are considering getting season passes once she is a bit older.

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