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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Jillian - 9 months

Dear Jillian,
Thank goodness for baby proofing. You go a mile a minute. Now that you are up and crawling, you are impatient to explore. It took you awhile to get some speed on those hands and knees, but seriously, when you beeline for something you want, you are there before I can blink my eyes. You first learned to crawl at daycare. We knew once you hit 8 months it was going to be soon. I think daycare allows you to be somewhat of an overachiever. Because other babies there are already crawling, you feel like you are missing out. In a matter of days, you went from crawling to sit up on your own, and really mastering your balance. This has been the biggest months for advancement yet. It's crazy. Literally crazy, that in one day you are learning something new and showcasing it.

Along with sitting up, you pull yourself up on everything. We had lowered your crib mattress last week, but seeing how you are so tall, we lowered it the very bottom. Most mornings when I come into your room, you are standing. You have this big huge grin on your face and I pick you up and just squeeze you so tight. You really like to pull yourself up on our coffee table, Tim's tv console, and the latest of things, me. If I am sitting down, you will place your tiny little hands on my knees and throw your body upwards.

Figuring out your balance means there have been lots of little bumps and bruises. When you are in pain, your cry is delayed. You take in a lot of air, open your mouth up really wide, and then let out the biggest scream you can muster. Tears swell up in your eyes, and you reach for mama or dada. We pick you up, sooth your face and in seconds you feel better. You let out a few more yelps, but once your tears have dried, you usually spot a toy you want to play with and are already begging for us to let you down. And off you go, like nothing even happened....

You know what lots of phrases mean now. Some are: No, Come Here, Jillian, Give me Kisses, Bath time, Are you Hungry, & Sippy Cup. You have a smile or a stern look depending on which one we use. You typically don't like the word no, but obey pretty well.

You have turned into the cutest blanket baby. My mom, your grandma, always wondered if this was going to happen, and it has. You love the bring the corner of your white or pink blanket to your face at night. You pull it close to you, sometimes lifting it over your head, and then you hug it. Of course this makes your mama so happy, because I still have my childhood blanket. One day I will share it with you.

There are so many firsts with food, I don't even know where to begin. You are smart. You figure things out so quickly, and your sippy cup was no exception. You love to drink from it, and even can drink from mama and dada's big cups. You always love to hold your own bottle now, and you love to eat all sorts of things: squash, carrots, corn, turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas, rice are just among the few things. Eating is also easy now that you have 6 teeth. Yes, 6!!

I love you more than anything, and I feel so blessed to be your mama. Keep growing Jilly-bear, you are making us so proud.


9 month Stats
Weight: 19 pounds, 10 ounces, 70% percentile
Height: 28 inches 75% percentile

Sleep Stats:
Bed time: 8:15 pm
Awake: 6:30 am
If you wake up before 6:30 am, we let you cry it out. Usually you just fall back asleep.

Bottle in the morning, breakfast, 3 more bottles at daycare, dinner at home, then 2 more bottles.

Random Stuff:
You LOVE LOVE bath time
You have learned out to clap your hands

Pulling yourself to standing
Understanding words

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