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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Jillian - 10 months

Dear Jilly-Bear

You are at the age now where mommy and daddy have to constantly chase after you. You crawl a mile a minute, and everything you come across goes in your mouth. You are a handful. Gone are the days where you would sit comfortably with a toy in hand. In fact, you don't even want to play with your toys, you want to play with everything that is NOT for babies. For example, our shoes. You love to chew them. You also love to sit in our closet, pulling all my shoes off of the nicely organized shoe rack. You also do this with all the books on your bookshelf. You pull them all down; have no interest in looking at them, but you will however, put the pages in your mouth and try and eat them.
You have so much energy these days, that napping twice a day is completely out of the question. You would MUCH rather be out walking on your daily walks with me and Bacon, or roaming the house looking for drawers and cabinets to explore. We fuel this energy with food, and lots of it. You are an eating machine, and it's fun to take you with us to restaurants because we always share our food with you. Little pieces of chicken, rice, bread are just a few things we let you try from our plate. You love them all. Like most people you enjoy restaurants for the food, but you REALLY enjoy the people watching. You reach for our waiters, flash huge smiles at strangers, and make friends with neighboring tables.
We don't leave the house without your "puffs" Puffs are basically cheerios, but you love these things. You have gotten so great at finger eye coordination that these sticky puffs actually find themselves in your mouth and not on our cheek or on your arm!
Our routine with you is still the same. Daddy and I are both working, but thank goodness for a relaxed work schedule for me. I am now picking you up at 4 pm daily, which means I get your attention and time for the entire afternoon.
I know how much you love daddy, but our relationship is non stop giggles. We spend our afternoons' playing hide and seek, chase and dancing to "Toddler" Radio. My favorite jingle that I sing to you goes a little something like this: Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle, Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle, Little sack of sugar, I could eat you up. I sing this to you all the time, you screetch with delight when you hear it. I saw you cry twice this month when I dropped you at daycare (usually daddy drops you, but sometimes our schedules change). You stood by the window and watched me walk out, sobbing. It broke my heart, but Miss Amy told me you were fine once she put you in front of your favorite toy.
Speaking of toys, you love anything with music. You still enjoy your walker, and have gotten pretty good and running around the house chasing Bacon and Milo.

Life was boring without you in it. You really do make the world go round, Jillian. You made our life full of excitement, so thank you for being such a perfect little baby.

Love you to pieces and pieces,
Your mama

10 month stats:
None this month - no doctor appointments

Sleep Stats:
Bed time: 8:15 pm
Awake: 6:30 am
If you wake up before 6:30 am, we let you cry it out. Usually you just fall back asleep.

You only get 3 bottles now! We have your on solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 afternoon snack. You still enjoy your bottle right before bed time.

Random Stuff:
You are getting tooth #7,
You like to chat all day long. You have soft voice, a talking voice, and a yelling voice. The yelling voice is pure excitement.

Starting to learn how to wave
Cutting back from 7 bottles to 3 and eating solid foods/table foods

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  1. 10 months already?! Our babies are growing up too fast!