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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I spent my birthday weekend visiting Sousan in Minneapolis. It's bitter sweet, really. The distance between us is awful, however, she lives in a really cool city and I can't wait to head back for a visit.

Four days wasn't long enough. We had the BEST time. I mean the BEST time. Thursday night we went downtown and ate at a restaurant called the Newsroom. 2 hours later we headed to her house (about 15 minutes outside the city) and crashed.

Friday we took at class at a nearby gym, grabbed smoothies and then headed to a spa for mani's and pedi's. It was pure bliss. After our 2 hour spa excursion, we fueled up at Chiptole and then headed to the Mall of America.

I had great expectations for this mall, but honestly it was just a really big mall. Filled with lots of tourists, like me. I am embarrassed to say this, but we were there for 7 hours. We took our sweet time trying on clothes, stopping at each store, enjoying the people watching, and then we had dinner. An old work colleague met us at the mall for dinner, and then after dinner shopping. Gotta love twitter for him finding out I was in his home town. He was such a gentleman and bought Sousan and I dinner that night.

Saturday we slept in, made breakfast, watched bridesmaids, and then drove around town some more. Saturday night, we got dressed up and heading to Uptown, where we had dinner at a trendy tapas place called Chino Latino. We ordered drinks called the Crack Ho Mojito and the Mexican three way. Heavily buzzed, we moved on to an Irish pub in the heart of downtown and danced to a live band.

I can't wait to go back for a visit, but I am glad that Sousan's long term goal is to only be there for 2 years. She belongs in California close to me :)

My first drink - Flirtini

inside the Mall of America - a roller coaster!

Drinking with my best friend. Oh the memories!

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