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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Jillian - 11 months

Dear Jillian,

Wow. This month proved to be another month of HUGE advancements. When you aren't trying to put everything in your mouth, you are shadowing everything we do. This is especially apparent when we are talking to each other. You tend to repeat sounds that I make. You are really getting the hang of M's, B's, A's and D's. Whenever I say something to you in baby language, you mimic me and say it back. These conversations can go on for minutes at a time, and are usually done when we are eating together or driving in the car. Over Halloween, we witnessed for the first time, you having a full blown baby conversation with your friend Oden. By far, you had all of us "parents" oohing and ahhing over how precious this moment was.

Halloween was incredible. You had two outfits. A princess cowgirl and a chicken. Daddy dressed up as a 70's basketball player, and I dressed up as a school girl. We met up with Oden and Colton and went trick or treating. Daddy ate all your candy, I am sorry about that. I couldn't stop him.

You got sick again this month, but seemed to recover quickly. Daddy went to Chicago for a long weekend, and I was in NYC again for work, so you got some major one on one time.

You really love music. I have said this before, but now you like to dance and move around when you hear your favorite songs.

As far as your personality goes, you are still ALL over the place. We love your adventurous spirit, your independent flair, and your outgoing personality. The best compliment we got was from a friend, telling us that you will definitely be a future homecoming queen. We see a very sweet, kind little girl, who has a larger than life personality, and we could not be more proud of how you are developing. This love for you continues to fill our hearts.

Mommy and daddy

Here is a list of all the new things that have happened in your 10th month!

- "give mama a kiss" - you know this phrase and will give me a big kiss
- you give us hugs and wrap your arms around our necks.
- your "blankie" oh my gosh, you love this so much. Your white one is your favorite and you love to burry your head in it and smell it. Just like mommy does with her blankie!
- waving - daddy taught you this and you wave now!
- dancing - you stand up holding on to something as a crutch and move the music.
clapping - you have mastered this, and it is so delightful
- handing us things
- shaking your head when you are done, had enough or aren't interested
- Pulling things out of drawers, and then putting them back in.
- standing at a balance
- you understand the game of peek a boy. You will lift up a blanket over your face, and then bring it down. To my delight, I play along. Where is Jillian, I ask when the blanket is over your face, and then when you pull it down, I shout "there you are!"
-you don't need me anymore to rock you to sleep in your rocking chair. I now feed you, your last bottle, hold you for a minute or two and then place you in your crib to sleep. You don't even cry anymore, you just smile at me, and then grab your blankie and fall asleep.

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