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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's time for an Update

I felt the need to jot down all the new things that Jillian has been doing since she turned 1 in December. She is now almost 16 moths old! So here it goes all the stuff that is worth noting in the last 4 months!
1) Talking all the time - favorite words include: banana, NO, Go, MOO, Mama, Dada, please, all done, birdie
2) Dancing - she loves to dance. Our routine after work is a walk, and then music time. We turn on a kid friendly station and her foot instantly starts to move, followed by a shake of the booty and the wave of her hands.
3) Favorite song - Itsy Bitsy Spider
4) Favorite book - The Bear Book (from Uncle Mike)
5) She tends to have separation anxiety when she wants me, but when we are at a party or out in public, she can easily be handed off to others to hold, and she certainly is NOT shy in front of a camera. Put a camera in front of her and she will pose...hard.
6) We cut her bottles all together at 15 months.
7) She has 12 teeth
8) She is ridiculously tall
9) Still doesn't watch any tv/cartoons
10) Had pink eye in both eyes and a stomach bug in early March
11) Follows simple instructions like "Bring that to me," "Let go," "Pick that up," "Bath time," "Shut the door," "Open"
12) She helps with cooking and laundry, and loves to push the button to open and close the garage
13) Can't go to sleep without her blankie
14) First pony tail and pig tails (case in point from the picture above)

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