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Monday, April 9, 2012

Well, hey there Mr. Easter Bunny

Jillian participated in her first official hunt for Easter Eggs this year!

The public Easter egg hunt was somewhat of a disaster in that it was scheduled during Jillian's nap time. So we had a pretty fussy baby on our hands. Once the whistle blew, she just took off, wanting to run around; paying no attention to the sparkly eggs. But we worked through that, and got her interested. All of this is on video by the way, and at the end, she was going up to groups of kids and taking eggs out of their basket! Oh joy!

The next day, Mr Easter Bunny really spoiled our girl. We woke up to three Easter baskets, and a ridiculously perfect day for an Easter egg hunt. The warm weather called for no shoes with her adorable Easter dress, which was fine by us and Jillian. The grass between our toes and sun on our face was the ideal setting for the egg hunt.

"Mr. Easter bunny" hid penny's in all the eggs, and Tim joked we needed to put all of them towards Jillian's college fund. Jillian collected all of her eggs and neatly placed them in the bag.

But the eggs were not the highlight!! Oh no. Grandma outdid the Easter bunny, and got her a princess pack that included a wand, a crown, necklace, earrings, and play rings!

As a momma, I sat back and enjoyed every second with my family. It was the best day I have had all year. I got to watch my daughter partake in a family tradition and watch her grin from ear to ear. She is such an incredible joy, I am at a loss for words. I love her so much.

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