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Monday, April 30, 2012

Paris & London with my Mom!

A trip of a lifetime.
A trip that my mom and I talked about doing since I was in college.
We finally made it happen.

Our journey together started in LAX, Tom Brady terminal 4.  We both planned our "airplane" outfits and wore our matching Uggs.

We landed in London and shared the same excitement about the "cute little cabs" 

We had some sun on our way into London town.  We checked into our 5 star hotel, the Landmark London, and got upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite. Spoiled for sure.

The next few days we saw it all: London Eye, Parliament, Tower of London, the Famous Beatles crosswalk, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Covenant Gardens/Theater District, Hyde Park, the Famous Harrods shopping mall, and of course Top Shop!  We had fish and chips, spotted a celebrity at our hotel, and rode the Tube like a pro!  The weather went from sun to rain, but we managed to look travel chic in our scarves, boots and umbrellas.

After a few days were whisked away by train to Paris....

Oh Paris.

I wanted to love you so much. I have fantasized about you my whole life. I am not saying you were a complete let down, but the people in your city were not very friendly.

Our accommodations weren't "all that" but we made do, even if we could hear everything our neighbors were doing!!

We found a charming coffee shop down the street from our hotel that provided me with my much needed coffee fix in the morning.  I always ordered a chocolate croissant :)

The subway was difficult at first.  After talking to the French subway worker, I hugged him when we finally figured out through the language barrier on how to get to where we  wanted to go!

People smoked cigarettes everywhere. Brassier cafe's on every corner, and they even allowed dogs inside. Toilets were interesting, some very small, some with out toilette seats!

The Eiffel tower blew my mind - it was the most breathtaking structure I have ever seen. I would go back just to lay my eyes on it again.

We spent 3 full days in Paris and saw: Eiffel Tower, Monmarte, Arc De Triumph, Champs de Elysees, Nortre Dam, Pantheon, Opera House, boat ride on the Sane River, and more!!

Some fun highlights from the trip:
Trying to speak French - forget it!
Saying a prayer and crying in Westminster Abby
Laughing about how tired we were from walking
Trying to figure out how to exchange money and where to eat
Always trying to figure out where to eat!!
Watching Game of Thrones on my computer in our hotel room!!
Eating 8 croissants in one day, plus a baguette. No joke.

Mom, I just want to express to you how much fun I had on this trip.  These memories will be with me the rest of my life and I can't even begin to tell you how much you mean to me.  I get scared when I think about life with out you.  You are my best friend, someone who will always "give it to me straight." I have never known anyone to have as many friends as you do, to be as optimistic as you are, and to show kindness to those around you like you do.  This trip didn't make me come to these realizations, I have always known these things to be true. What this trip to make me realize was how much I am becoming you.  Thank you. 

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