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Friday, June 22, 2012

Snuggles during Sesame Street

We started to let Jillian watch Sesame Street at 18 months.  This is the the only TV she is exposed to, and we will continue to wait until she is 2 to introduce more.

Immediately Jillian was drawn into Sesame Street.  The furry faces of Elmo and Baby Bear, and all the characters put a huge smile on her face, and she joyfully danced during the songs.  We started watching Sesame street more often after I picked her up from daycare.  After snack, we would grab her Elmo doll, "cuddles" the bear, baby, and "blankie" and perch up on the couch.  Jillian would screech in excitement and say "Elmo" over and over again, looking at the remote control to "turn Elmo on."

Typically we don't make it through the whole show, just part of it. But this week, Jillian and I both sat down to watch it together, and I noticed slowly but surely she was inching towards me on the couch.  She made her way over to me, and wanted to lay in the nook of my arm and neck.  I propped a pillow for her and there she sat and watched Sesame Street for the entire show.  Not only did she snuggle with me, but she held my hand.  I seriously melted and thought to myself, this is the best feeling I have ever felt.  We giggled at the show in the funny parts, wiggled when the songs came on, and I got to shower her with kisses whenever I wanted.

So thank you Sesame Street, not only are you a wonderful educational program, but you gave me my first taste of Jillian-snuggles.

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