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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jillian is 18 months

You give kisses and hugs on demand..and sometimes not on demand.
You are very generous with those kisses. When daddy holds you and I am near by you will go back and forth from Daddy to me with your kisses.
We feel like we are floating on cloud 9 when this happens.
You run up to me countless times a day and hug my leg.

You like to mimic daddy and me, especially when eating.  You try really hard to eat with a fork and spoon.  You are almost there.
You tend to beg for food. If you spot anyone eating food, you want some!!
You LOVE your books.
You LOVE "bankie" (aka blanket)
Your new LOVE is Elmo, Cuddles and Baby doll
I love watching you and Bacon play with each other. I also can't get enough of your affections towards Milo. You love to snuggle up next to him and give him one of your open mouth kisses.

Running and climbing. You can get on top of anything now and testing us by standing on chairs is your favorite.
You sense change..and want to stay close to comfort and familiarity.
When you say L words, your tongue comes out of your mouth, towards the side of your cheek.  It's really funny.
You and I put on my makeup together in the morning.  I will apply blush and chapstick and you will mimic my facial expressions in the mirror.
You also love to pick out my shoes in the morning and love to put on my long necklaces
You talk a lot and jabber like you are making sentences…but the only words you say for sure are: please, bacon, mommy, daddy, doggy, elmo, love you, night night, bye bye, no, all done, oh boy, wow, home, go, potty, outside, inside, bath, birdie, and waffles.
You also can mimic the following animal sounds: Moo, Rawr, Monkey calls, meow, and who.
You like to hold things. Always holding something.
Most anytime we need to put a shirt on you or a jacket on you have to trade hands with whatever your holding to put your arm through the sleeve.
You love being in the backyard.  You play games with rocks, flowers, and love to just move your table and chairs into new places.  Through this we can see your brain trying to figure things out. It's incredible.
you are a great sleeper, and never cry when we put you down for bed.  We still read you a few books before bedtime and I always ask you to pick out your book.  Your new favorite: Dr. Suess, The Tooth book.
Speaking of teeth, you have 4 coming in right now!! You are such a trooper. This means you have 16 teeth!
You had your first dentist appointment at 18 months and were perfect. You cried in the beginning but I held you close. The Dr told me, "she is really smart"
Miraculously you have gone on the big girl potty 4 times already. We aren't potty training yet, but now that you have used the real toilet, we know you are interested.
Sometimes life is very dramatic and a girl just needs to throw herself on the floor and roll back and forth crying. A few minutes of that and you always feel better. We just watch wide eyed.
You still get really bad diaper rashes, the doctor says you have sensitive skin.  We have to cut back on tomatoes and anything acidic in your diet to help.  And it works.

Weight: 25 pounds (50th percentile)
Height: 33 inches (90th percentile)

Recent Memories:
Visits to Pretend City
Visiting all the Arizona family relatives over Memorial day and celebrating Grandma Besses 60th birthday
You had 2 months of constant sickness - hand/mouth/foot disease, cold, and a looming cough
Santa Ana Zoo with your friend Oden

I always say this, but life is moving too fast for me. Knowing this, I take in everything you do.  I try to sit in the moment and enjoy the chaos.  We love watching your personality ignite. We are so darn proud of you, it immeasurable how much.  

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  1. This post JUST showed in my reader. So nice to read an update. She is growing beautifully!