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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hawaii Vacation 2012

Hawaii was amazing.  We spent 9 beautiful days soaking up the sun, laying on the beach, and eating a ton of great food.

Half our trip included Tim's parents. It was so wonderful having them around to spend quality time with Jillian.  We ate dinner each night together, and spent the days relaxing on the beach.  They babysat twice - one evening so Tim and I could escape to a romantic dinner and one full day so we could take a day trip snorkeling.  In turn they got to know Jillian a lot more and Jillian got to know them.  By the end of the trip she was in love.  She just could not get enough of "Papa."  He would throw her around and toss her up in the air.  He would tickle her chest with his chin and tickle her until she was crying.  It was great to see everyone having such a peaceful, relaxing time.

Our entire goal for this trip was to pick a place that didn't require a lot of site seeing. Since Tim and I go to Maui at least every 3 years, we knew we weren't going to feel rushed to see the sites.  We stayed in our favorite area of Maui, Napili Bay.  Our hotel is right on the beach, so every single day we would venture out to the water and play in the sand.  Usually by the mid-morning we would try to go swimming, or go on a hunt for lizards and birdies.  Napili Bay also has tide pools close by, so we would climb the rocks in search of shells or fish, and sometimes spot a tutle.  Nap time was blissful...Jillian slept for 3 hours every single day, and while she would sleep, we would pull out a book and read on our balcony, or head to the pool to soak up some sun. Tim would sometimes snorkel.  When Jillian would wake up, we would have a quick snack and head back outside.  On some days we would drive to Kaanapali Beach and shop, or we would head into Lahaina and grab an early dinner. Most evenings we spent BBQ'ing and making dinner, and then after Jillian was fast asleep for the night, we would all stay up having more conversation and drinks.

It was probably the most perfect vacation I can remember. Having Jillian there made our lives feel so complete.  I know it's healthy to travel without your children, but in the next few years we plan to take a vacation every single year with our family.  The key is managing expectations.  We knew Maui was going to be easy going. Some days we didn't even get in our car.  We stayed at our resort and got to run around barefoot soaking up the beauty of our surroundings.

Tim and I both felt so re-charged when we returned home.  It was definitely a vacation that brought the three of us together.

I can't wait for next year!