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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Jillian - 2 years old

Dear Jillian,

I cannot believe my little baby is 2!!  Where in the world is the time going?? You have a larger than life personality and an independent streak that scares me to death.

Lately, you mimic everything we say.  Daddy introduced you to a new cuss word and now you say it all the time.  You tell us when you want milk, water or snack. Just last night I forgot to get you a drink with your dinner and you shouted "milk" until I delivered it to your high chair. I am guessing if you knew how to roll your eyes you would have added that to the dramatics of this mistake!  What I love about this little "attitude of yours" is that you are exploring your boundaries and finding your niche in this family. You say the funniest things now. If we give you too many kisses, you say no kisses!  If we try to tickle you and you want nothing of it, you say no tickles.  You tell us what you are feeling.  If you have a boo boo, it's still not better until it gets kissed.  When we are in the car, you like to shout out all the diffferent things you see: Yellow bus!  Dump truck!  Big truck!  It's amazing how your vocabulary has come to life.  You are starting to form little sentences and I understand almost everything you need. You know your ABC's and sing it on tune perfectly.  You know how to count to 2, and you know all your colors.  You are starting to understand what shapes are, and you know all sorts of things we ask of you such as Get your Bib, Put your clothes in the dirty laundry, Take that to the Garbage, Go get your Tooth brush, Let's clean up your toys, etc.

You are still a very easy going little girl.  You aren't fussy about your clothes, and like to pick out your pajama's every night. You still rock a mullet, but your hair in the front is getting much longer, so once it's all one length we can take you to get a proper haircut. You rocked your 2nd dentist appointment and were a perfect angle that they gave you 3 balloons when you left. You scored flying colors at your 24 month old check up.  Here are your stats:

Weight: 27 pounds 50 - 75%
Height: 35 inches 50 - 75%
Head: 18 1/2 inches 25 - 50%

Here are things you love:

1. Bubble guppies
2. Your blankie
3. All sorts of veggies especially brocolli
4. Spaghetti!
5. Your doll CoCo
6. Your pull toys: Pablo the chicken and George the dog
7. Sleeping (you are a perfect girl when it comes to your sleep, down at 8 pm, up at 7:30 am and consistantly taking 3 hour naps daily)
8. Nose kisses (you call them noses)
9. Your tricycle! You haven't mastered the peddling part yet, but you can scoot like no other.
10. Playing hide and seek, piggies with your toes and dancing in the living room to music.
11. Drawing and playdo!
12. Saying please and thank you - usually without us asking you to!
13. Your big girl room and new crib.

You aren't really sure why mommy's belly is getting so big, but when we lay on the couch together snuggling, you will rub the belly and say baby.  I melt.

You throw occasional temper tantrum's but I can't really complain.  If we distract you well enough, your mind set shifts and a happy face emerges.  I am not saying they are all that easy, but you are definitely easier than some other tots your age. 

I love everything about you, Jillian (aka Lovie). Keep on growing and loving life the way you do, because you are on your way little girl.  You make us proud and we couldn't be happier calling you ours!

Love, Mommy and daddy