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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby #2 - 27 weeks

And just like that I am done with the 2nd trimester...I am still in shock.  The reality that I will be meeting this little one in less than 3 months is just plain crazy.  I wrapped up a very hectic November with two long business trips to NYC (in the midst of Hurricane Sandy) and worked more hours than I would like to admit, but now that December is here, it's time to focus on this baby.  Until he is born, I have a ton of down time and plan on taking every single second to listen to my mama nesting instincts. Nursery furniture is complete, still searching for the rocking chair.  Our focus will be on going through Jillian's old toys and baby products and find out what we can reuse.  All of these are in bins in our garage so we will need a full day to go through these.  And while I am at that, we might as well do a quick clean out of Jillian's room and store any clothes she has outgrown. I have a short list of baby items I still need for this little guy, but I really want to get a grasp on that list and start crossing things off. It's not much, but now that my focus is 100% on this baby, I am really anxious to get everything done.

In the first 6-8 weeks after our son is born, we will keep Jillian in full time day care so I can get some baby/mommy bonding time and work through all the sleepless night. This little one is a mover and shaker and moves/rolls/kicks late night and early mornings. If that is an indication of his sleeping schedule, then I will be getting no sleep at night  I am bracing myself for those sleepless nights, so having Jillian at daycare full time will help me get some rest during the day.

We are still struggling with the name.  I am ashamed to admit this on a public forum, but Tim and I got into a huge fight about it one day and ever since we decided we needed to cool off and not discuss it for a while. I am one to have a short list of names that I like and then I practice using them and think about them for weeks to come.  Sometimes a name I liked, ends up getting thrown out.  And that is what happened with Tim's favorite boy name.  I liked it when I first heard it, but after a few days of using it, thinking about it, it became something I couldn't imagine. Tim thinks I am overly thinking this whole name thing, but I really want a strong boy name that is interesting, strong, a twist between classic and unique, and I just can't find anything. The good news is we still have time....

I am planning on getting a food delivery service for us for the first month.  Just dinners.  I haven't started my research on this yet, but I heard about it after Jillian was born and thought that was such a good idea.

The only thing worth noting since my last weekly post is that my heartburn is still going strong.  I get it once a day, and last week it was so painful, I couldn't eat and felt naseaus. It's not like I am doing anything to help this pain....I still just drink milk, but I need to get on my A-game and get some tums in my purse so I can pop them when ever it starts to flair up.  This is my only REAL complaint in this pregnancy so far.  I mean I am gaining more weight, which sucks, but I am still active, comfortable, sleeping well, so I am beyond grateful.

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain: 27 pounds
Sleep: Great! I am up once for a water and bathroom trip
Best Moment this week: Tons of movement from this one and finishing up all events for the year!
Food cravings: Sweets and MORE sweets!!!
Gender: Boy!