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Friday, January 4, 2013

Jillian's 2nd Birthday

My daughter is 2.  Wow. I can't help but think about the day she was born, the first few minutes with her and the emotions that came along with that.  Sometimes I wonder in astonishment how we even made it this far??! Secretly I think I should throw myself and Tim a party for getting through all the challenges that came along with first time parenthood, but none the less, we made it  and we have a beautiful 2 year in front of us.

When Jillian turned 1 we were living in our condo.  Since then, we sold our condo, moved into a rental house, and have a lot more space.  I really wanted to throw her a 2nd birthday party and invite all of Jillian's friends.  The theme was "we all scream for ice cream" since Jillian absolutely loves ice cream and what adult doesn't love ice cream as well??

Both sets of grandparents made the journey, and we got to invite Jillian's daycare provider Amy and her two daughters and Jillian's favorite friends from daycare, Caleb and Lannie.  Also in attendance was Ava, John, Oden, and Colton, her go-to best friends. Baby Pete was there, and while he's the youngest, he was the biggest one there, all 35 pounds of him!

My mom helped with the decorations and really helped organize the party before, during and after.  (Moms are serious rock stars, is there anything they don't do)??  By the end of the party, our house was relatively clean, and Jillian napped for a solid 3 hours.

This is the last birthday she will have as our only child and I really wanted to savor the day and enjoy all the little details.  My heart melts when I hear Jillian say, "my mommy"  and comes running into my arms for a giant hug.  These are just small moments in a chaotic day that remind me how quickly life does pass us by.  Thank goodness for blogging/journaling, because this was a special day for our family, and I hope to never forget how magical it felt at the time.