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Friday, March 15, 2013

Weston's Birth Story

As I write this, Weston is almost 2 weeks old. I am still in newborn baby bliss, but the memories from his birthday are fading and I don't want to forget those moments leading up to our first meeting. There is nothing more powerful than giving birth. The love you feel is so overwhelming.  Even through the pain and discomfort, I would do it 1,000 times over just to feel the warmth of his newborn skin on my chest minutes after he was born.

I knew in my gut he was going to come early.  I wasn't far from my original prediction of February 26th.  On February 27th, I had my 39 week appointment.  Tim and Jillian both came with me, because I knew we were going to talk about induction.  My doctor per usual gave me an exam, and instantly told me he was extremely low and she wouldn't be surprised if he came any day.  That excitement alone had Tim and I giddy as we left the appointment.  Tim went back to work, and I went home with Jillian.

During Jillian's afternoon nap, the contractions started.  I didn't think too much about them, and started to casually time them.  I made lunch, checked email, finished laundry and when that was all said and done, I was exhausted and decided to take a nap.  When I woke up, I became very nauseous. I was also having strong contractions but nothing consistent.  I called Tim and told him he needed to come home right away because I was feeling like I was going to throw up and I was fearful for Jillian to see me hoovering over a toilet bowl.

The minute he came home, I started to throw up.  Shortly after the vomiting started, the diarrhea kicked in.  I was contracting during all of this, but couldn't decipher between cramping because of all the vomiting.  When I started vomitting blood, Tim called the hospital on duty and they told us to sit still.  I was super frustrated.  I couldn't even keep water down, and started to get nervous about the well being of our baby. 

So finally around 9 pm, we called Lisa so we could head to the hospital.  Jillian was in bed already, and we had made plans with Lisa to babysit once we knew it was go time.

As suspected, I was contracting and was 3 cm dilated when they monitored me.  The doctor on duty checked me in without hesitation and once I was settled into the room they offered some anti-naseau medicine in my IV drip.  Once that kicked in I started to feel much better.

I found it odd that I wasn't really bothered by the contractions. Surely, I felt them, but the distraction of the nasuae spells, took my mind off of them.  However, when I hit 5 cm, I was ready for my epidural.

Once again, I was vomiting but this time from the pain of the contractions, so when the epidural finally kicked in, I was so happy.  Tim and I both decided to get some sleep.  By 4 am, there was very little change so the nurse gave me a small drip of pitosum to hopefully speed things along and literally within 30 minutes I was at 10 cm and ready to push.

I remember getting the shivers when they told me it was time.  Tim covered me up in a blanket and held my hand while the staff prepared for our arrival.

I pushed for 5 minutes and at 4:57 am, our little West made his debut.

Once on my chest, he stopped crying.  I was so happy, I remember staring at him thinking "he is so calm." Alert, calm, very sweet.

This labor was so different than Jillian's. The epidural was WAY better.  I could feel my legs and I could REALLY feel Weston when I was pushing.

I recovered A LOT faster.  I had some tearing, but after I was stitched up, I was up and walking shortly after.

I am enjoying every single second of Weston, his smell, his sweet coo's, even his cries.  I am unbelievable happy, indescribably living in bliss, and I never want these feelings to escape me. I am sure I will be a crazed sleep deprived mom of two in no time, but right now I am on cloud 9.  Our family feels complete now that he's here.

I love you, Weston.