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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dear Weston - 5 Months


What a big month for you!  First off you rolled stomach to back. You were unsure at first. And like most things were very serious about it. But then you figured out how to maneuver yourself in positions to be able to scout out a toy you wanted to play with or touch. You are a little inch worm!  It's super cute. Right before you turned 5 months you learned how to flip the other way - back to stomach.  I am sure in the next month you will master these moves even more.

One thing I love about you is the way you smile. You smile with your tongue.  You stick it out, with a devious grin, while your smile hides behind it. I know you are happy when you do this.  I would have to say though, you are Mr. Serious.  I find myself calling you this little nickname, because you observe like crazy.  Your little blue eyes dart back and forth at new places and you love to watch those around you.

One thing I am so happy about is that you aren't afraid when others hold you.  You don't have to be with your momma 24/7.  Sure, I am still the only one who can soothe you/feed you, but you aren't nervous to leave me.  So I know you have an independent streak -it's in there, it just hasn't blossomed yet.

You are a little rascal when it comes to diaper blow outs this month.  Lots of thrown away onesies and spontanious loads of laundry in an attempt to save the ones not completed drenched in poop.

You love to stick your finger in your mouth - just one, when you are in a good mood. You smile with your eyes, which I love. I can read your emotions in your eyes.  I see your smiles, I see your cries or your frustrations. This expressive trait combined with your seriousness is starting to piece together your personality.  I truly love who you are becoming.

At a Glance:

5 month Stats:
Weight: 16 pounds, guesstimate!

Sleep Stats:
naps: a short one in the morning around 9:30, another one around 11:30 and a 2 hour nap between 2-4.  Bedtime is around 8.
And yes, you still sleep with us! We tried to get you to cry it out this last month but after 2 hours of screaming we figured you weren't ready.  Talk about stubborn.

You are nursing exclusively.  And you tried rice cereal and loved it!

Random Stuff:
Size 2 diapers
Pooping once a day
You are super bald
You get acne still - not as bad as last month but here and there
Wearing 3-6 months clothes but they are getting pretty tight.

Rolling back to front
Rolling front to back
Found feet - so there is a lot of foot to mouth action happening