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Monday, October 21, 2013

Annual Pumpkin Patch Tradition @ Tanaka Farms

This will mark our 3rd year heading to Tanaka Farms with Barby & Sarah.  I met both girls right after I had Jillian through a meet up group .  We hit it off right away, and throughout the years I am so grateful for the bond we have created.  They are supportive, wholesome, wonderful individuals with amazing families to boot. I absolutely adore their friendship and couldn't have asked for two better friends.

First year at Tanaka Farms, we had 3 little ones, and Barby was pregnant with #2.

Last year at Tanaka Farms, we had 4 little ones, and I was pregnant with Weston.

This year at Tanaka Farms, we had 6 little ones, Sarah had her daughter Isabella with us who was 6 weeks old!

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