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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Weston - 7 months

Dear Weston,

You are the strongest little guy ever.  Seriously.  Even your pediatrician commented to your physical strength.  I know boys tend to be more physical than girls, but holy moly, Weston, every day you surprise me with your super baby strength. Hmmmm...future soccer player like his momma??

You are funny too.  One day you just laughed and laughed for a good five minutes at Jillian who was sitting next to you eating an apple.  I think you are going to be one of those really smart funny people. Oh but your eating habits. Ugh! You drive me nuts with your eating habits.  Your little tongue still doesn't get the whole "don't push out your food" thing, but at least you like almost everything we feed you with one exception: Peas.  When I try to sneak these in, you instantly make the squished in face as if to say, what in the hell are you feeding me mom.  Son, I don't  blame you here!

You are a champ eater though, this past month we moved up to 3 jars a day.  We have a proper routine going now and you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And we do this all together as a family.  Amazing.  You sit in your bumbo for most feedings, but right before 7 months, we transitioned you into your high chair.

Not only are you funny, you are such an observer.  A calm observer. Sometimes you will be as happy as can be sitting next to me, and if I get up, you scream at the top of your lungs and want me to come back next to you. Quite a people person if I had to predict anything....you love the action, love smiling at strangers and giving them a stare-down studying who they are and what they are about. I can still hand you off to others, and your most favorite thing is to look at other babies.  Which would explain why you LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror.  You desperately want to play already; soon in our near future will be some mom and me classes at My Gym or the Little Gym.

Let me just say that you were sitting up like a pro right after you turned 6 months.  And now that it's mastered, it's almost go time to crawling.  You can sit comfortably without the fear of you falling, although that still does happen, but you can now get up on all 4's and almost crawl. That will happen in the next week, well that's my prediction.

Still no teeth, and still no hair, sorry about that!  But no more baby acne.  That's a good thing.

Your biggest milestone this month was sleep.  Right when you turned 6 months, we tried letting you cry it out.  We only lasedt 4 days.  Your longest cry was 2 hours 45 minutes, and by day 4 when I tried  putting you down for a nap you cried 2 hours, and I about lost it. I wasn't ready, you weren't ready and all I wanted to do was hold you, squeeze you, protect you, and just sooth you. Ask your dad, I was a complete and utter mess.  But 2 weeks later, you became the worst baby to share a bed with.  You started waking up around 2 am and wanting to play with me and daddy, or you would stir in bed refusing to sleep, making sleep impossible for me.  You'd kick daddy or take your hands and scratch me, as if to say, hello, I am awake can someone play with me?  Ummmm, no.  So right then an there I knew you were ready.  I couldn't take it anymore.  So exactly 9 days ago, we put you in your crib for naps and night time sleep and you have been there ever since. Was it an easy transition?  No.  The first night was awful.  I was angry, sad, anxious, and confused.  I wasn't sure of my decision to leave you alone like this, but I was angry that you just couldn't get it. This has been one of the hardest things I have had to do yet in my small role as a parent.  I wouldn't wish this on any parent. But you know what?  By day 5 your sleep pattern was like this (and still is) 8 pm bedtime, 5 am first feeding, 7 am time to get up. Your naps in the  morning are still on the go in your car seat and will continue to be this way, but your afternoon naps in the afternoon now look like this: 2 pm - 4:30 pm. You know what Weston, you rock...you didn't take long to figure out how to sooth yourself. You are still learning as I write this and you still cry a lot, but it's usually only for a few minutes and then you are asleep.  One thing that you do is sleep on your stomach and you love to sleep on your side.  At first I was scared about this, but it works for you.  A part of me REALLY misses feeling your skin on mine and hearing you breathe at night.  I loved sharing a bed with you, but I know you have gained so much more independence by sleeping on your own, and in the long run this will help you squash any fears of being away from me.

I do have to point out something. Your dad has been saying this to me from day 1: "aleast you got your snuggle baby."  Oh and I did!!  Weston, this heart of mine is yours.  I surrendered it from the first moment I held you.  It's all yours.  There are not enough kisses, hugs, squeezes in the day to communicate to you how special you are to me.  I don't know what I would do with out you, and I hope you continue to grow into this amazing little boy. It's been such a joy watching you.

Love you always,
Your mom

At a Glance:

7 month Stats:
Weight: 17.2 pounds per Dr. Tang
Height: 28 inches Head: 18 inches

Sleep Stats:
In your crib.
Naps: morning around 1030 in your carseat or stroller, afternoon around 2 pm - 5 pm
Nighttime: 8 pm - 5 am, feeding, and wake for the day around 7/7:30 am

You love it all and you get three jars a day.

Random Stuff:
Babbling the word mamamamam, not sure if that's at me, but I can't wait to hear it when it does actually mean something to you. 
Screeching when excited, which is a lot
You only take two naps a day which means you have a ton of awake time!
You went swimming for the first time this past month (twice)
We put you in your first swing at the playground!  You loved it!

Sitting up
Sitting up from a laying down position
On all fours, almost ready to crawl.  Any day  now.

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